12-7-19 Morality, Common Sense, Mental Illness

Morality, Common Sense and Mental Illness

Morality, Common Sense and Mental Illness have direct correlations as one further examines the sermon of Timothy Dwight. We see that individuals in America are seeking ‘happiness’ by all means that can be contrived. Obviously by the mental and political state of US, reality and observation prove none of the theoretical man-made options fulfill the search.

I am introducing it this week but to the extent that there are denominations and independent Bible teaching churches/pastors that are falling for the deceptions of climate change, harboring illegals, caving to the morally depraved and have zero true insight to US foundational history…. well, next week will take more of that on. But for now just go back to all the programs I did regarding the Kozak Plan and you will get the full picture of what is occurring with the deamoncrat majority.

Remember, this Kozak Plan is fully functioning in every aspect of our society and governance. Proof is parents allowing and even taking their young children to ‘library transgender reading hour.’


From Dwight’s sermon: My note here is that This is a hard hitting paragraph in relationship to modern humanism and social justice warriors in and out of the American churches. Dwight writes,

All the duties which we owe to mankind, are, without the consideration of piety, viewed as merely due to men; worms of the dust, beings of yesterday, and children of vanity and sin. To such beings moral obligation, though real, must be of comparatively little importance, and operate with little force. But in the eye of piety all these duties are enhanced, beyond measure, by the consideration, that they are enjoined by God, and that, of course, every fulfillment of moral obligation to our neighbour is the performance of a duty to our Maker. The same remarks are, with equal force, applied to the duties of self- government. As much greater, therefore, as much more excellent, and as much more possessed of a right to require our service, as God is, than men, just so much more importance, and distinction, does piety give to these branches of virtue, than they could otherwise receive.”

In another paragraph,

A clear and fixed sense of moral obligation is, probably, in the opinion of most men, indispensably necessary to the discharge of the duties, and to the production of the happiness of society. But such a sense, it is presumed, is to be looked for in piety alone. The strength of moral obligation lies wholly in the conviction, that a constant adherence to it is obedience to the will of God. But almost all the regard, which is rendered to God, or to his will, is rendered by the pious. Imperfect and desultory(def: lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm) feelings of this nature, feelings which are yet of no small importance, will generally be found, where a religious education has given birth to just moral sentiments; and especially where general influence united with public instruction, have cultivated such sentiments into habit. Beyond these limits nothing can be expected, nothing is commonly professed, [and] nothing will ever be found, beside the changing power of fashionable opinion, the slippery dependence of personal honour, and the accidental coincidence of selfishness with duty.”

What we see in the local arena beginning with families, is that morality, virtue and a true sense of piety is a void in the consciousness of the citizenry.

Common Sense

Cath and I often say that ‘common sense and common courtesy are not common any more.’

Dwight writes,

There is in the human mind a faculty, called common sense, which, though never in high estimation among philosophers, seems to have originated, and executed, almost all the plans of human business which have proved to be of any use. The reason is obvious. Employed in forming near and evident deductions from facts, and in closely observing facts for that purpose, contented with moderate advances, and cautious of innovation, its step, though slow, has been sure; a real approximation to the end in view. Theory, on the contrary, rapid, but wild, has usually receded more than it has advanced. Untried causes, causes to which a new application is given, and experiments in business, made either anew, or in new circumstances, have always been regarded by common sense with a suspicious eye; and a state of things, not perfectly desirable, willingly endured, in preference to the adoption of new systems, of which the effects were uncertain, and the operations dangerous.”

Mental Illness

Churches and religious groups allow for mental illness to fester and seep the pus of confusion, deception and contrived Biblical meaning. Gee Talk about false prophets. And fundamental Christianity is mostly silent.

Many solid Biblical groups, businesses, denominations and especially independent Bible churches / pastors have let the social justice warriors echo in the ‘new age’ of Revelations instead of standing on sound Reformation teaching.

After you read or in the near future watch me give Timothy Dwights Sermon on “Establishing Public Happiness,” you will get the drift that vain philosophies and the humanist theories shaking the foundation of all existence; is causing the stresses which are being seen as increases in mental illness. See the references for more.

It is that we are now chasing theoretical concepts such that real knowledge is belittled. Dwight writes,

That the knowledge, communicated by experience and revelation, was intended in this prophecy, will be evident to all persons, who remember, that this was the only knowledge in existence, when the prophecy was written. Visionary philosophy had not then begun to mislead mankind. The world was contented with real knowledge; and, although its stock was small, it was genuine and unalloyed, and therefore of a currency and use, suited to human purposes. Had its progress been uninterrupted by war and devastation, and unbewildered by theoretical philosophy, we should now probably be removed, in real knowledge, many degrees beyond our present advances.

A general diffusion of knowledge, was undoubtedly designed in this prediction. In no other sense could knowledge be supposed to be the means of general stability.

The effects of knowledge, thus defined, are evidently of high importance to social happiness. The legislator it will enable to understand the state, the interests, and the duties, of a people; to form regulations suited to their state, promotive of their interests, and coinciding with their duty; to discern, with a freedom from low and pernicious prejudices, that equitable government is the true source of honour to himself, and of prosperity to his people; to cast his eyes abroad, without the purblind confusion of narrow minds, and see clearly the real condition of other nations, and their proper connection with the affairs of his own; to look back with distinctness, and with comprehension, on the past state of human society, and forward, with rational prediction, to events which are rising on the surface of futurity. In a word, placed by such knowledge on a lofty summit, he stands as a watchman for the welfare of millions, unobstructed by mists, and undazzled by the height to which he is elevated, with a steady eye marks distinctly the surrounding progress of things, and is enabled with confidence, and with safety, to utter alike the quieting voice of peace, and the timely alarm of danger.”

Confusion, depression, anxiety are all rooted in wrong concepts, theology, theory and just out-right lies. Gee, ya wonder why children have to have therapy…..

Sam Adams Wisdom (1780):

Samuel Adams to John Scollay 30 Dec. 1780

Our Government, I perceive, is organizd on the Basis of the new Constitution. I am affraid there is more Pomp & Parade than is consistent with those sober Republican Principles, upon which the Framers of it thought they had founded it. Why should this new Oera be introducd with Entertainments expensive & tending to dissipate the Minds of the People? Does it become us to lead the People to such publick Diversions as promote Superfluity of Dress & Ornament, when it is as much as they can bear to support the Expense of cloathing a naked Army? Will Vanity & Levity ever be the Stability of Government, either in States, in Cities, or what, let me hint to you is of the last Importance, in Families? Of what Kind are those Manners, by which, as we are truly informd in a late Speech, “not only the freedom but the very Existence of Republicks is greatly affected?” How fruitless is it, to recommend “the adapting the Laws in the most perfect Manner possible, to the Suppression of Idleness Dissipation & Extravagancy,” if such Recommendations are counteracted by the Example of Men of Religion, Influence & publick Station? I meant to consider this Subject in the View of the mere Citizen.

Our Bradfords, Winslows & Winthrops would have revolted at the Idea of opening Scenes of Dissipation & Folly; knowing them to be inconsistent with their great Design, in transplanting themselves into what they called this “Outside of the World.” But I fear I shall say too much. I love the People of Boston. I once thought, that City would be the Christian Sparta. But Alas! Will men never be free! They will be free no longer than while they remain virtuous. Sidney tells us, there are times when People are not worth saving. Meaning, when they have lost their Virtue. I pray God, this may never be truly said of my beloved Town.

And because you keep asking!


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