11-30-19 Thanksgiving With Sam Adams

Thanksgiving    Sam Adams Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone an after the meal Happy Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. A Thanksgiving With Sam Adams is actually from five years ago when I started on Liberty Works Radio Network. You will hear Sam Adams speaks directly to this requirement that people, politicians, a State and the Nation not only should but must give Thanks to the God of the Universe.

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Sam Adams would sign a number of his letters published in the Boston Gazette as Candidus. In the first article from 1771 that I read how Jeroboam, the Son of Nebat, made Israel sin. So with this, Sam takes us trough what happens when political leaders foget and detest Honoring and Being Thankful to the Biblical God of all creation.

Sam Adams hits these notes:

  • And it is beyond measure astonishing that free people can see the miseries of such a state approaching to them with large and hasty strides, and suffer themselves to be deluded by the artful insinuations of a man in tower, and his determined bootlickers, into a full perswasion that their liberties are in no danger.

  • And he discover’d so much of the malignancy of treason against his people, in making them to sin against the supreme Being upon whose power and protection the welfare of nations as well as individuals so manifestly depends…

  • The sin which the people of Israel were prevail’d upon by Jeroboam the son of Nebat to commit, respected their religious worship on a Thanksgiving day…

  • It is no unusual thing for people to complement their Governors with the sacrifice of their consciences, after they have surrender’d to them their civil liberty…

  • To complement a great man to the injury of truth and liberty, may be in the opinion of a very degenerate age, the part of a polite and well-bred gentleman – Wise men however will denominate him a Traitor or a Fool. But how much more aggravated must be the folly and madness of those, who instead of worshipping GOD in the solemn assembly, “in spirit and in truth,” can utter a lie TO HIM!! -in order to render themselves acceptable to a man who is a worm or to the son of a man who is a worm.

The Other Articles

For this program I also read these letters that Sam Adams wrote:

  • To Arthur Lee Nov 13, 1771: Adams talks about the way that those in government attempt to twist the truths of God’s providential actions to that of supporting earthly tyranny and despotism. Adams writes something very relevant to this present time with regard to the Thanksgiving message given by the Governor and pushed to be presented in the various congregations- quote “this measure was more insolent to the people or affrontive to the Majesty of Heaven, neither of whom however a modern Politician regards…”

  • RESOLUTION OF THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. [NOVEMBER 1, 1777.] : Regarding a Day of formal Thanksgiving and Praise to God for his divine providence.

  • And a number of other Resolutions, Proclamations and letters that Sam authored.

The complete thought in this program: Thanksgiving With Sam Adams is to show that when political leadership is not God minded and Thankful, the people and nation suffer.

Sam Adams Wisdom (1795):

FORASMUCH as the occasional meeting of a People for the exercise of Piety and Devotion towards God, more especially of those who enjoy the Light of Divine Revelation, has a strong tendency to impress their minds with a sense of Dependence upon HIM and their Obligations to HIM.

I have thought fit, according to the ancient and laudable Practice of our renowned ancestors, to appoint a day of Public Thanksgiving to God, for the great benefits which HE has been pleased to bestow upon us, in the Year past. And I do by advice and consent of the Council, appoint THURSDAY the Nineteenth day of November next, to be observed as a DAY of PUBLIC THANKSGIVING and PRAISE throughout this Commonwealth: Calling upon the Ministers of the Gospel of all Denominations, with their respective Congregations to assemble on that Day to offer to God, their unfained Gratitude, for his great Goodness to the People of the United States in general, and of this Commonwealth in particular.

More especially in that he hath in his Good Providence united the several States under a National Compact formed by themselves, whereby they may defend themselves against external Enemies, and maintain Peace and Harmony with each other.

That internal tranquillity has been continued within this Commonwealth; and that the voice of Health is so generally heard in the habitations of the People.

That the Earth has yielded her increase, so that the labours of our industrious Husbandmen have been abundantly crowned with Plenty.

That our Fisheries have been so far prospered.—Our Trade notwithstanding obstructions it has met with, has yet been profitable to us, and the works of our Hands have been established.

That while other nations have been involved in War, attended with an uncommon profusion of Human Blood, we in the course of Divine Providence, have been preserved from so grievous a Calamity, and have enjoyed so great a measure of the Blessing of Peace.

And I do recommend that together with our Thanksgiving, humble Prayer may be offered to God, that we may be enabled, by the subsequent obedience of our Hearts and Manners, to testify the sincerity of our professions of Gratitude, in the sight of God and Man; and thus be prepared for the Reception of future Divine Blessings.

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