4-11-15 Program: Hopeless America

This program looks at the egregiousness of what happens when hopelessness takes its place in a society.  Mercy Otis Warren describe our present situation with the growth and encroachment of the federal tax burden in a predictive way.  Her opening analysis of the Constitution of 1787 is geographically correct for the time but what she postulates is relevant to the moment.

“Mankind may amuse themselves with theoretick systems of liberty, and trace its social and moral effects on sciences, virtue, industry and every improvement of which the human mind is capable; but we can only discern its true value by the practical and wretched effects of slavery; and thus dreadfully will they be realized, when the inhabitants of the Eastern States are dragging out a miserable existence, only on the gleanings of their fields; and the Southern, blessed with a softer and more fertile climate, are languishing in hopeless poverty; and when asked, what is become of the flower of their crop, and the rich produce of their farms—they may answer in the hapless stile of the Man of La Mancha ,—”The steward of my Lord has seized and sent it to Madrid .” Or, in the more literal language of truth, The exigencies of government require that the collectors of the revenue should transmit it to the Federal City.”

There is more to this program than what Mercy had to say that is applicable to these modern times.

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