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Immigration, Invasion, Insurrection and Constitutionalism

By Tom Niewulis (Alter-ego Samuel Adams)

Issues!  Conspiracy!  Scandals! Deceptions!  Collusion’s!   Immigration!

Through all the blast of the media and the rhetoric of Congress to the standing on solid ground of a partially staffed Administration – not a single soul is talking about what the realities of fact and truth are in functional governance – under actual Constitutionalism.

In preparing for my radio program it became evident again that the emotionalism of all the media completely distorts any ability to get to the heart of the matter – How is our Constitutional Republic Intended to function? Frankly, those in government and even the super self-serving lawyers in Congress don’t understand nor do they want to. They have become so dependent on the donors and lobbyists that they have thrown the concepts of Constitutionalism deep in the sub-basement of the Capital and all the marble bureaucratic buildings in D.C.

How Dare I say this? Simple, I know how to read and reading the Federalist Papers alone gives clear intention (Intent) for how governance should function in the Republic. So before we get to the core issues as indicated by the title let us get one thing very clear: every pundit, talk show host/hostess, politician or bureaucrat that calls this nation a democracy should be heavily chastised, have their ears rung and be thrown out the door for manifesting their ignorance or subversive ideologies. Why? Because we are a Constitutional Republic (period)! If you cannot get that correct then you have no capacity to understand how this nation should function! Continue reading

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9-16-17 Attack On Christianity: It’s Your Fault!

Attack On Christianity: It’s Your Fault!

This week the attacks on morality, Francis Scott Key, Constitutionalism and Christianity got the best of me. I have been deep diving into the writings by yes, the cousin of Sam, John Adams. I have read John Adams several times and referenced him as well. I am always impressed with his letters to his wife and Thomas Jefferson; His keen intellect regarding the law, Constitutionalism and Christianity. To the extent that he wrote: “Let them revere nothing but religion, morality and liberty.” – Letter to Abigail Adams (15 April 1776)

Instead of referring more of what John Adams wrote, today I speak about my continuing study in Jeremiah. I am still intent on recording an exhortation on Jeremiah but that is for another day.

  Continue reading

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8-19-17 From Kozak to the Pulpits of the Revolution

From Kozak to the Pulpits of the Revolution


What we continue to see this week on the streets, from the political class, intelligentsia and the sophistry media is the Kozak Plan executed (archives about this here). It is absolutely clear that they have every desire to be and do all things against Constitutionalism and the Republic.

Critical in this is the fact that they are moral degenerates as defined by the Pulpits of the Revolution. Sadly, the modern Pulpits and education system have devolved from what #FoundersOriginalIntent is for the nation and the Citizenry. It is clear that morality outside of the Judeo-Christian worldview is not the morality expected by the Founders for self-governance and then governing of We The People.

see more to get the solutions & references and watch the program:

Continue reading

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4-1-17 It’s Not April Fools. It’s For Real

It’s Not April Fools. It’s For Real

Listen Every Saturday at 9 AM and 7 PM Eastern on www.lwrn.net

This week my intentions were to discuss “Judicial Tyranny” from the Anti-federalists and Thomas Jefferson’s’ point of view.

But some thing happened yesterday as I was putting all the material together. Earlier this week I began to re-read Alinsky “Rules for Radicals.” I wanted to refresh myself on this star student of Gramsci so that I could differentiate how our youth was so impacted in the demise of our educational system and the subsequent inundation of our halls of governance with progressives – All that reading of Alinsky, so as we continue to serve our Youth with SACPS.org we can continue to have a clear strategy on countering the Alinsky/Gramsci model with Founders Truths and Intent.

So, Today is Not going to have any April Fools as a part of it nor talk about “Judicial Tyranny” because we have been fooled for over 100 years. Now the Reality of our condition is in an “In Your Face” fight for the Republic. Can we Keep it?

With that – The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Join me on today’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!

References: Radio Program Archives

For today’s program:

  1. Alinsky “Rules for Radicals”   I also suggest you get a copy of “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen.
  2. Quick statement about SACPS:

Presentations: What will Samuel Adams Center for Political Science (SACPS) do? Watch the presentation link.

SACPS is structured to present an educational format of Mentoring to Student Peer leaders in the Caulker’s Club to use live presentations, video archives of presentations, text/written and audio materials that foster critical thinking and rhetoric, both written and oral debate, in the arenas of Founders Intent for governance (see definition of political science), Constitutional policy and 1st Amendment Rights including religious freedom especially expressed in junior high through graduate school.

All aspects of SACPS will primarily focus on the original writings of or about Samuel Adams, his peers and Patriot associates and especially the First Principles that initially established the Colonies and into forming the Constitutional Republic.

For more info email me: tom@samueladamsreturns.com

To follow what SACPS is doing and progressing like the page on FaceBook and watch the web site mature at SACPS.org    And please

  1. Yes, And even more important as you look at what happened in the Republican held House: At the Samuel Adams Returns web site: “Not All Conservatives Are Constitutionalists

Or on Amazon: Paperback or the eBook

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3-11-17 Truth, Montezuma on Aristocratizing the House of Rep. and UN Health Care Mandate

Almost everything that has been going on for the last century has been the ‘battle for truth.’ We have lost perspective our Founder’s Truth and Intent as well as where they sourced Truth. Samuel Adams had a primary source for Truth that I identify today. I also give you more insight to the Samuel Adams Center for Political Science. Here is my email to contact me about SACPS: tom@samueladamsreturns.com

Next I discuss Montezuma, not the Aztec emperor but the Anti-federalist. His satire on the establishment of the Constitution of 1787 is a clear descriptor of what has been and is happening in Congress today! Yes, the Anti-federalists Got It Right!

Then I tell you why we must have Ob’Ryan care. Yes, just in time for St. Patti’s Day. This is mandated not by what Tom Price or Newt Gingrich are saying about Congressional process. No, the deception is in what most refuse to learn, accept or the politicians talk about – the UN mandates for ‘universal health care.’ Continue reading

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1-21-17 Kozak, Obama And Cato IV

On Samuel Adams Returns – The Anti-federalists Got It Right: Kozak, Obama And Cato IV

With the Inauguration of the new President; we hear the cheers of the True DNA of Patriotism and the calculated attacks of the Kozak, Gramsci planners. Let US Patriotism stay strong as we look into the divisive intent of those that would subjugate a Constitutional Republic.

Considering the Kozak plan and methodologies adopted by the demoncrats, and the imperial presidency predicted by the Anti-federalists; I am talking about how early Founders manipulated language to influence the population no different then those that use the Hegelian Dialectic in the present. Yes! The so-called ‘Federalists’ stole the word to fool the population!

Cato IV is one of our key resources in our conversation today. The prediction of what could happen within the presidency.

In discussing the Kozak plan, I cover the demoncrats that refused to attend the Inauguration of President Trump! Continue reading

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7-18-2015: The Truth on Christian Resistance

As it is noted well in the references that I’m attaching Links to, the conflicting proposition on Christian Resistance or Disobedience has been a long term discussion.  My personal studies have concluded that if the early Church did not resist/disobey the Roman empire: we would not have Christianity today.  If the Magistrates and Ministers in the city of Magdeburg did not disobey and resist against the Catholic Habsburg emperor, Ferdinand II, we would not have the results of a Reformation.

Needless to comment is that Samuel Adams studied his Bible every day.  He was known as the “Last Puritan” not because of the way he dressed but because of his Biblical Reformation knowledge and non-bending principles.  He understood Biblical Covenant and that God is absolute Sovereign over all things and that Jesus received the fullness again with the Father and Spirit in that Sovereignty upon his Ascension.

This is Sam Adams understanding of God’s Sovereignty is the only place that any proper resistance can begin especially the Theology of Christian Resistance/Disobedience.  This week I bring you that introduction, well, I bring back the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate back to you in a different format.  I’m going to also give you the links to Doug Wilson’s Sermon Series/Blog Post on Christian Disobedience and the link to a composite work on “The Theology of Christian Resistance.”

As always, 45 minutes of radio cannot make up for hours of content.  My hope is that this will get the brain cells and spirit moving.  As I always say, there is not true Idea of Liberty with out Liberty given by Jesus.  With that, there is no rational way to resist tyranny and despotism unless you understand what Sam Adams understood in the Biblical context of Resistance and Disobedience to tyrants.


Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

Doug Wilson Sermon Series on Christian Resistance:

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #1

On Christian Disobedience #2 Blog Post

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #3

On Christian Disobedience #4 (Daniel 6:6-11)

To the Supreme Court:

On Christian Disobedience #5 | A Sermon for Five

The Theology of Christian Resistance: A compilation of writers


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4-18-15 Program: Dumbed by Dewey

This is almost self explanatory as we follow up what happened to the educational system from our Founders time. The reality is that John Dewey and his humanist collaborators did nothing but establish the social deviance that we have in our present day.

This program looks at our Founders education in comparison to the destruction that has occurred in modern education to the enslavement of the citizenry.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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4-11-15 Program: Hopeless America

This program looks at the egregiousness of what happens when hopelessness takes its place in a society.  Mercy Otis Warren describe our present situation with the growth and encroachment of the federal tax burden in a predictive way.  Her opening analysis of the Constitution of 1787 is geographically correct for the time but what she postulates is relevant to the moment.

“Mankind may amuse themselves with theoretick systems of liberty, and trace its social and moral effects on sciences, virtue, industry and every improvement of which the human mind is capable; but we can only discern its true value by the practical and wretched effects of slavery; and thus dreadfully will they be realized, when the inhabitants of the Eastern States are dragging out a miserable existence, only on the gleanings of their fields; and the Southern, blessed with a softer and more fertile climate, are languishing in hopeless poverty; and when asked, what is become of the flower of their crop, and the rich produce of their farms—they may answer in the hapless stile of the Man of La Mancha ,—”The steward of my Lord has seized and sent it to Madrid .” Or, in the more literal language of truth, The exigencies of government require that the collectors of the revenue should transmit it to the Federal City.”

There is more to this program than what Mercy had to say that is applicable to these modern times.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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November 14, 2014 – Non-voting Two-thirds, What’s the Historical Foundational Baseline For Personal and Political Beliefs?

I was really bothered by the comments of the usurper and the contingent of communist dupes that congregate at the bidding of internationalist.  So I had to ad-lib this program starting with the “Rule of Thirds” and moving to what developed your core beliefs that have you fighting to keep this nation following the Constitutional Republic ideal and the rest that are out to destroy it.


Then I have to question the “Core Beliefs” of the elected and ask: if this election is really going to matter?


Find out where my wandering mind takes us on the reflection in the mirrors of time and the journey to looking at our core beliefs.


All audios below are in radio programs segment order:
The Anti-federalist view of the Senate – Segment 1
The Anti-federalist view of the Senate – Segment 2
The Anti-federalist view of the Senate – Segment 3

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