4-18-20 Welcome to the US of Venezuela via the Matrix

US of Venezuela

I am writing a lengthy article for a future posting regarding our Country becoming the US of Venezuela via the Matrix. I spent a lot of time in Venezuela while Chavez was at the height of his power. I saw first hand the insidiousness of the daemon that socialist/marxist – communism is all about. I have witnessed it in many other countries that I have visited since the 70’s.

Watching people react in fear, not standing for Liberty is what I hoped would never happen in the United States of America. Yet, I did expect it to happen based on the last forty years of daemoncrat complete submersion into marxism as well as the failure of the churches to inculcate a sense of Biblical Reformation morality into their pew sitters or in most modern churches – the musical chair sitter.

Oh, further down I introduce my guest for next week. And if you don’t read Sam’s Wisdom below you are missing a reflection in the mirrors of history.

Averting Venezuela

To this point, I have completed posting several more chapters of ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’. Remember, it is the 1864 book that I am reading virtually to my grandkids. What moves me about this book is that the Clergy of the American Revolution did not social distance, did not close down their churches during the small pox out breaks and other plagues that affected the land. In fact, they went to the sick and comforted them or stood on the front lines in a heated battle. They did not cower to the government.

Instead, like Moses Allen of Chapter 34 they were firm in their understanding that Jesus is King in Heaven and on Earth. To which, it is written about Rev Allen : “Having received ordination, he remained here till 1777, when he removed to Midway, Georgia. Though surrounded by tories in his new home, some of whom formed a part of his congregation, he took open ground against the mother country. He thought it no sacrilege to preach rebellion from the pulpit, and though remonstrated with and threatened, he continued to denounce the aggressive measures of Great Britain as insulting and tyrannical, declaring they never should be submitted to, and called on his people to arm in defence of their country and its most sacred rights.”

So, to avert continuing to move in the direction Venezuela (forth coming article), Where is your pastor and church leaders holed up?

The Matrix

When I was in the telecom/high-tech industry, I was a speaker at many conferences. Somewhere around 1999/2000 I spoke at ISPCON. This was a top rated conference on what was happening in and around the emerging Internet. My topic was considered one of a ‘Sage’. I spoke of the forth coming Matrix. The movie was out and I predicted what is now called ‘The Internet of Things” IOT would be the real-time sucking of life into the Matrix. Hey, Bell Labs and the major ‘silly-con valley’ execs loved the talk such that I was invited to meet with them at their facilities.

Yet what I discussed was deeper than that. I spoke to the religious like perspective of the Intelligentsia and an MIT professor Ray Kursweil. Kurswiel’s idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that of saving humanity by having the very essence of a person digitized into a supercomputer and then connected into, yes…. a matrix of humanity.

Now, what we have to day, twenty years later, is that technology and so called science (medical analytics) are looked upon as the absolute moral leaders as well as the policy makers. Science has made the paradigm shift such that you are living in the Matrix. — Will you unplug?

Hence we have state and national policy being made or at least dramatically and dynamically influencing the life and Liberty of every Free Citizen in these United States. Hmmm… I call that techno-despotism and emphasize what DeTocqueville wrote as ‘Soft tyranny.’

This techno-despotism is the religion of the ‘demmedia!’ I know, a new word we can make go viral: #demmedia – definition is the demeaning democrat media = dem+dem+media or demmedia. Hey, we have to have some fun.

Presidential Power

Once again, the Anti-federalists nailed it. Presidential Power has been abusive at times starting with John Adams and then a mix along the way. Hey, Lincoln did his stint and then as I talk about on the program much has happened since 1917.

It is called the National Emergency Act (see the references for today’s program). Congress has given the President 136 unusual powers when a National emergency is proclaimed. Since the 1976 revision of this Act, there have been 60 national emergencies declared. In my mind it is horrible that 34 are still in effect and have been renewed by every President including President Trump.

So, yes…. All presidents since 1976 have had immense and unusual authority and power.

Next Weeks Guest

A week ago I shared an article, “After Four Years of Democrat Treachery, I Smell a Corona Virus Rat” by Joan Swirsky. Joan will be my guest on the program next Saturday.

A bit about Joan – “the recipient of numerous Long Island Press Awards, wrote health, science and feature articles for The New York Times Long Island section for over 20 years, as well as for many regional and national publications. A former obstetrical nurse, Lamaze teacher, and psychotherapist, Joan is the book-and-lyric writer of four musicals, one of which, “Oh Baby!” – about three couples facing parenthood – was produced in New York City in 1983.”

Sam’s Wisdom –


[MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Feb 9 1778


I have not been unmindful of the favor you did me in writing to me some time ago. My not having returnd an Answer has been owing, I do assure you, altogether to many Avocations, and at last to a bodily disorder by which I have been confind to my House and great part of the time upon my bed for near a fortnight. I am now about my Room and gladly take the Opportunity to drop from my Pen an Expression of the honest Friendship which I feel for your self and your agreable Connections.

I find by the Letters I receive from Mr Lovell who is kind enough to write to me often, that Congress is reduced to a small Number present. This has not been unusual in the Winter Season. But you have a great Deal of Business and that of the arduous Kind. It would be a strong Inducement to me to leave domestick Enjoymt, that I might take as great a Share of the Burthen with you as my Shoulders would bear. It is no Satisfaction to me, you may rely upon it, to be able to plead the Want of Health sufficient to go through so long a Journey at this rigorous Season. My Brother Gerry can recollect with how much pleasure the few who were at Baltimore passed through the Fatigues of Business the last Winter, when our Affairs wore a more gloomy Aspect than they have ever yet done. We did it with Alacrity, because there was a Spirit of Union which leads to wise & happy Decisions. I hope the same Spirit now prevails and that Measures are taking to collect & support an Army and to introduce (Economy & Discipline among officers of Rank as well as private Soldiers, so as by Gods Blessing to insure us a successful Campaign. Your Resolution respecting Burgoyne I think must have nettled him. I have long with Pain suspected a perfidious Design. This Resolution must have crossd it. It will cause much Speculation in Europe. No Matter. The Powers there seem more inclind to speculate than to espouse the Rights of Man. Let them speculate. Our Business is to secure America against the Arts & the Arms of a treacherous Enemy. The former we have more to apprehend from than the latter.

Please to pay my due Regard to your Sisters & Family in which Mrs A desires to be joynd & be assured that I am

Yr unfeigned friend

*1 Cf., Appleton’s Cyclopaedia of American Biography.

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

2. WorldOmeter – global data

3. WorldOmeter – Chicom Flu global data

4. WorldOmeter – Chicom Flu US data state by state

5. National Emergency Act – wikipedia

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8. List of national emergencies in the United States – Between the enactment of the National Emergencies Act in 1976 through March 13, 2020, 61 emergencies have been declared; 27 have expired while 34 are currently in effect, each having been renewed annually by the president

9. Presidential Authority & Powers under the National Emergency Act:



     c. A Guide to Emergency Powers and Their Use

     d. A Guide to Emergency Powers and Their Use – Web page with charts

10. Dewine on opening: Ohio starts counseling business on how to reopen, although when that might happen remains unknown

11. Gov. Mike DeWine Announces Ohio Will Begin Reopening May 1

12. Pennsylvania Governor Orders Business Employees and Customers to Wear Masks

13. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to Veto Bill Reopening Businesses in the State

14. Crowd Gathers Outside Ohio Statehouse to Protest Coronavirus Lockdown

15. US hospitals getting paid to list patients as Covid-19

16. Hospital Reimbursement for Uninsured COVID-19 Cases May Total $42B

17. Whitmer: Very High Odds ‘Irresponsible’ Michigan Protesters Are ‘Spreading COVID-19’

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