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4-18-20 Welcome to the US of Venezuela via the Matrix

US of Venezuela

I am writing a lengthy article for a future posting regarding our Country becoming the US of Venezuela via the Matrix. I spent a lot of time in Venezuela while Chavez was at the height of his power. I saw first hand the insidiousness of the daemon that socialist/marxist – communism is all about. I have witnessed it in many other countries that I have visited since the 70’s.

Watching people react in fear, not standing for Liberty is what I hoped would never happen in the United States of America. Yet, I did expect it to happen based on the last forty years of daemoncrat complete submersion into marxism as well as the failure of the churches to inculcate a sense of Biblical Reformation morality into their pew sitters or in most modern churches – the musical chair sitter.

Oh, further down I introduce my guest for next week. And if you don’t read Sam’s Wisdom below you are missing a reflection in the mirrors of history. Continue reading

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