6-8-19 Jezebel Rides Smaug – Michael Heath Interview

Jezebel Rides Smog Jezebel Rides Smaug

My assumption here is that you all are as affectionate of Tolkien as myself but you never read about Jezebel Rides Smaug. Well let me tell you, in this interview with Michael Heath I intend to discuss his background with the Maine Christian Civic League (founded 1897). The discussion is to be on the how HR-5 in Congress is much like what Mike engaged with during his tenure as Helmsman of the League.

I intend to discuss two email postings that Mike did that sets a tone in regards to the immorality of the present – which affects the concepts laid out by John Adams and Madison that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (John Adams quote where as Madison used “moral and virtuous”.)

Mike’s two articles that I intend to focus on are: “Killary Clinton” and “Tolkien: Invisible Things”. Now to be fair to Mike, I’m dragging that most vile dragon, Smaug, into the conversation. Mike doesn’t mention it but I thought it made for a good attention getter. My intent is to have Mike describe the spirit of Smaug embodied in the minuscule numbers of the LGBTQ-ect tail wagging the dog and the darlings of the pro child genocide promoters as having “quite an overwhelming personality”, while being at the ready to destroy everything in their path.

Capitulating Pastors and Ministries

I’m not sure that we will have time to delve into this but I intend to touch on some of the ‘Social Justice’ capitulation being promoted from the pulpits and ministries. I will always remind you to reflect on ‘the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution‘ to get a true sense of Biblical Reformation Men in action. We shall see how far we get but in knowing Mike’s full story about the Christian Civic League of Maine – I would say he has first hand experience in seeing major groups and pastors capitulate when the smoke rose out of the nostrils of Smaug while Jezebels found a comfortable seat to ride the dragon to the destruction of a State’s Moral soul. In the end, pastors and church leaders are responsible for what has happened in every aspect of society and allowing for Jezebel Rides Smaug to consume the land.

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