6-15-19 Lewis, Tolkien and the Anti-federalists

Lewis, Tolkien and the Anti-federalists – The Common Theme?

Is there a common theme between the writings of Lewis, Tolkien and the Anti-federalists? I believe that there is. The fundamentals of truth are more than and theme. The approach of each author, in the case of the Anti-federalists: authors, transcends style to, as Aslan says, “The deeper meaning of things.”

I have read all these works numerous times over the last forty plus years. By taking my time in reading these books I can absolutely see a common theme. The question is: Can You?

This week, I explore the most rudimentary connection between C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and the Anti-federalists. I’m not the literary genus or philosophical sage as many other I know but, I do know the Anti-federalist. With out a doubt in my analysis, I can assure you that there is a connection. Whether it is a theme or something more fundamental, you will have to find out from either watching the video or listening to the podcast of the program.

A Great Loss in Ohio

There was a great loss in all of Ohio this past Tuesday. It is devastating. It is heart breaking! It is worse than the tragedies of the tornados and floods. It is the completed plan for the souls, minds and bodies of Ohio’s children.

This past Tuesday, the Ohio Board of Education approved the implementation of SEL – Social Emotional Learning. In the archives there are two programs that I have previously done on SEL. The links to those programs are in the References.

On Monday I sent an open letter to the Governor, many state Legislators, Administrators and Bureaucrats. In a nutshell, SEL ultimately violate child/parents 1st Amendment rights and federal law 34 CFR 98.4. Again, the Citizenry is dumb, numb and disinterested. Worse, the pulpits and church leadership is culpable in allowing the destruction of children. Hmmm what was that statement about a ‘millstone around the neck’?

Additional to the Program

If you have not been following what is going on with direct attacks on your Liberties by the ‘techno-oligarchs‘ then I don’t know what to do to shock you. This article puts it right in our faces: “Labeled As A Hate Agent”. That is You!

I have been telling you about this for about two years and to the fact that we have a solution. So here it is again: EagleFireNation.com as part of HeroScout.com

EagleFireNation is 100% Free like digital Liberty should be. HeroScout now has plans for Influencers, Educators and Publishers.

There is no excuse to stay in the clutches of the techno-oligarchs.

Action Item:

1. Understand that words have meaning and that there are no new words. Only consider the ‘story’, the ‘narrative’ that relates truth principles or destructive ideologies.

2. Find out about SEL in your area. Consider joining with Citizens and parents in a law suit to stop the destruction of children. Yes, putting your child in a private school or home school seems like a solution but in Ohio, none of these are exempt from SEL.

3. Lastly, do something about your Digital Rights! Take them back with Joining me and others at EagleFireNation which begins your journey to full Digital Liberty. You own your environment and manage your 1st Amendment Constitutionally.

And because you keep asking!

References: Radio Program Archives

The video is available after 10AM on Saturdays at the SamuelAdamsReturns channel YouTube Channel Here.

For today’s program:

1. Read Lewis, Tolkien and the Anti-federalists for yourselves. Understand the fundamental principles of Liberty that have ultimate roots in Biblical Reformation teachings of Salvation, governance and warfare.

2. SEL must be Fought! This is warfare:

a. Article mentioned in program: Commentary: K-12 Education Has Become Progressive Sunday School

b. SEL: Stealing Individualism and Making Minions

c. 4-6-19 Ohio SEL and Electoral College



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