7-18-20 Economic Cabal Forces Policy

Economic Cabals  Economic Cabal

We are again facing the reality that Economic Cabal is Forcing Policy. This is nothing new. In reality it has been going on since commerce moved throughout ‘The Fertile Crescent.’

Don’t be fooled by modern US historians that want to box in the Founders of these United States as ‘agrarian simpletons.’ In fact, the economic cabals of British mercantilism drove the policies of Parliament such that the intent was to enslave the Colonies in America.

No different than the globalists minded and billionaire Davos creeps drive policy there immediately emerged after the Constitution was in place for under ten years – the “Anglo-Monarchio-Aristocratic Party.” In Reality….. They have not gone away and have been accomplishing their Economic Cabals Forcing Policy for 223 years.

Political Enquiries (1776) Gouverneur Morris

Gouverneur Morris was on the Committee for Style that did the final draft of the Constitution of 1787. He totally reformatted the Preamble to how it reads. For this discussion he was absolutely concerned that Liberty would not be overcome by commerce and government. I bring out a quote that elaborates on a section “Of Commerce” where he worries about the tension between private property rights and commerce on the one hand, and the exercise of political liberty which might be used to violate property rights.

We are seeing our personal property being inhibited with the Chicom Flu debacle and that Commerce by the those perpetrating economic cabal are violating the core principles of property rights :: therefore diminishing our Liberty.


Black shirts at Walmart. This just raised my bushy eyebrows really high and my 92 year old Dad thought of Nazi SS. In fact, Black Shirts were the Thugs of Benito Mussolini. Interesting history first then the Walmart COO’s Quote:

Two quotes from: .“This Is the Violence of Which I Approve” By MICHAEL R. EBNER

“The rise of fascism in the provinces of the Po Valley, in northern Italy, occurred in reaction to the remarkable postwar growth of Socialist power. During the biennio rosso (red two years), between 1918 and 1920, Socialists made huge electoral gains nationally and locally, while labor unions unleashed a wave of strikes unprecedented in Italian history. In the Po Valley, the Socialists established a virtual “state within a state,” winning control of municipal government, labor exchanges, and peasant leagues (unions). Socialists also founded cooperatives, cultural circles, taverns, and sporting clubs.3 Such working-class organizations exercised their power largely through legal means—elections, boycotts, strikes, and demonstrations—which nonetheless often led to clashes with police, with injuries and deaths on both sides.”..

And what has BLM with Antifa learned in these antics:

“In small towns, where everyone knew everyone, Fascists inflicted ritual humiliation on their enemies, a powerful strategy of terror understood by all. Blackshirts forced their opponents to drink castor oil and other purgatives, and then sent them home, wrenching with pain and covered in their own feces. In some cases, squads forced their enemies to defecate on politically symbolic objects: pages of a speech, a manifesto, a red flag, and so on. After administering a castor oil treatment, Fascists sometimes drove prominent anti-Fascist leaders around in lorries in order to reduce them in the eyes of their own supporters.10 They also accosted their opponents in public, stripped them naked, beat them, and handcuffed them to posts in piazzas and along major roadways.”

And the COO of Walmart says:

“While we’re certainly not the first business to require face coverings, we know this is a simple step everyone can take for their safety and the safety of others in our facilities. According to the CDC, face coverings help decrease the spread of COVID-19, and because the virus can be spread by people who don’t have symptoms and don’t know they are infected, it’s critically important for everyone to wear a face covering in public and social distance.”

Castor oil or Masks…. What is the difference in the move of the economic cabal forcing policy?

Sam Adams Wisdom

Samuel Adams Writings Volume II

1764 – Instructions of the Town of Boston May, 1764…. page 21

You will joyn in any Proposals which may be made for the better cultivating the Lands & improving the Husbandry of the Province : And as you represent a Town which lives by its Trade we expect in a very particular Manner that you make it the Object of your Attention, to support our Commerce in all its just Rights, to vindicate it from all unreasonable Im positions & promote its Prosperity. Our Trade has for a long time labord under great Discouragements ; & it is with the deepest Concern that we see such further Difficultys coming upon it as will reduce it to the lowest Ebb, if not totally obstruct & ruin it. We cannot help expressing our Surprize, that when so early Notice was given by the Agent of the Intentions of the Ministry to burthen us with new Taxes, so little Regard was had to this most interesting Matter, that the Court was not even called together to consult about it till the latter end of y e Year; the Conse quence of which was, that Instructions could not be sent to the Agent, tho sollicited by him, till the Evil had got beyond an easy Remedy.

Page 80 – 1765

His Majesty’s Subjects of this Province, are very uneasy at several Acts of Parliament lately made, by which their Trade is greatly obstructed, and unless a Remedy is applied, it is feared must soon be ruined. It has been very justly observed, that the Advan tages drawn from America to Great Britain, are to arise from Commerce, and therefore to encourage and promote That, is her true Policy : The Profits of the Trade of the Colonies, thro its several Channells center in Great Britain, and therefore to stop those Channels, must be evidently to her Prejudice. This will be the Case-while the Sugar Act remains in Force : The English West India Islands do not produce suf ficient for the Consumption and Trade of the Conti nent. To confine us then to those Islands, must diminish the Trade…

…injured. It is much to be feared that so great a Loss of Labour added to the usual Expence of carrying it on, will prove a total Discour agement to it. The Colonies may in Consequence of this be put upon contriving some other Methods, per haps to their own greater Advantage, and not so beneficial to the Nation. Be that as it may, it is cer tain there will be an End to Remittances that are now made to Spain, Portugal and other Parts of Eu rope, through which a very great part of the Produce of America and the Profits of the Trade flow into Great Britain, and set her Manufacturers of all Kinds to work. By means of the Trade of the Colonies as they have hitherto carried it on, Millions of them have been enabled Yearly to consume British Manu factures. An Attempt to raise Revenues out of their Trade, as it will in Effect advance the Price of your Manufactures, will reduce the People to the Neces sity of setting up Manufactures of their own. Their Necessity will quicken their Invention, and they will become by Degrees less useful, and in Time entirely useless to the Mother Country. But we humbly ap prehend it would appear too partial for the Nation to confine her Views to her own Interest in regulating the Trade of her Colonies. There is Justice due to them as Subjects as such they have an equal Right with the Inhabitants of Britain of making Use of Trade and all other honest Means of subsisting and enriching themselves.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel.

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Take this one as you will but, I’m not liking what he spews!

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