8-12-17 Not Your Republic Part 2, Agrippa and FRASE

Not Your Republic Part 2, Agrippa and FRASE

Further enhancing the program on video and then putting the archive segments up on the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel.

Continuing this week from last in that the American DNA is such that most assume the Republic is functioning Constitutionally – as if in the 1787 Constitution with the Bill of Rights. Well, The Republic is functioning Constitutionally but as fully ‘Amended’ with over 10,000 entanglements from ‘treaties’ and ‘international executive agreements’.

The Anti-federalist Agrippa really emphasizes, early in his first couple of letters, what we now have. He compares and contrasts several ancient republics. Like Melancton Smith from earlier programs: Agrippa also warns what happens when the government is not ‘of the people’ regarding a lack of meaningful representation.

I introduce to you the federal farse! Well, with play on words, farse is FRASE report from George Mason University. How do we breath with over 1,000,000 Regulations and Prohibitions foisted upon US: All enforceable by bureaucratic policing ‘self-created’ authority?

The Solutions: 1. Each person become intently educated in #FoundersOriginalIntent (the hashtag for Twitter). We must understand what Original Intent ‘IS’ to make positive corrections. 2. When contacting, which we must, our elected at all levels of government: we must encourage them to act according to Founders Original Intent and the Principles of good governance delineated. 3. Find or develop ‘Candidates’ that understand #FoundersOriginalIntent to replace existing elected representatives. 4. Help develop the next generation of policy makers with Founders Original Intent via SACPS.org.

References for Today:

  1. The Anti-federalist Agrippa: letters – # I of 23 November 1787 and # IV of 3 December 1787 (The Agrippa letters appear to have been written by James Winthrop, a register of probate in Middlesex, Mass.)
  2. The FRASE report from George Mason University.

3. Because this is the solution we need to mentor out future leadership and policy makers: SACPShttp://samueladamsreturns.net/wp-admin/post-new.php

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