9-28-19 Impeach Me And Set Me Free


Impeach Me and Set Me free is a play on the song “Release Me”. Since I do have a day job, I won’t sing for you. My disgust with the deamoncrats has reached that level, which does fit the full perspective of the Kozak Plan. Not to beat a dead horse on that but the fact that about 100 deamoncrats in the House are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus is the impetus for the impeachment insanity.

I will not spend a lot of time on the Impeach Me line of thinking. I will take you to what is in the references below from the Founders Constitution Volume II that has about 40 pages of deep dive into Constitutional Impeachment and the proper process.

Let’s leave it at this, the deamoncrat progressive caucus uses the the processes in the Constitution to destroy the same. Oh, a perfect plug for my book ‘From Covenant To The Present Constitution’. You really need to get it and understand that we are NOT living under the Constitution so many scream at the Feds to live by.

Trump’s UN Speech

I intend to spend more time giving my commentary on the President’s speech at the UN. It is powerful and you need to at least read it.

Get Active Locally

Sam Adams said that all politics is local. Get involved. There are a lot of elections going on this November. The most important of them all are School Boards and Levies. Regarding levies check out the video’s at taxwg.com

Join me on Saturday’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!


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For today’s program:

1. President Trump’s Speech at the UN

2. UN-happy Girl Gretta

3. Christians Don’t Need Government Backing To Succeed In Public Or Private Life

4. Past Programs Discussing the Kozak Plan

5. Founders’ Constitution Volume II – Impeachment

6. Union Theological Seminary Holds ‘Confession to Plants’ in Chapel Ceremony

7. Congressional Progressive Caucus

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