9-21-19 Political Idolatry and Sam Adams On Marriage

Political Idolatry

This week we have seen a two sided perspective of Political Idolatry. In many ways, those that have taken a position on the Constitution make it preeminent without the Founders context. On the other hand, the Founders frame of reference was that ‘this Constitution is ONLY for a Moral and Religious People’. Many say those words but the nation does not have them in practice, especially within the halls of Congress and the bureaucracies. This Constitution and its means of governing within the framework of the document is impractical without the fundamentals of morality, religion (Christianity in the context of the Founders) and as John Adams stated the same notion, virtue.

This issue at hand is that in general, we do not have a moral and virtuous society as intended. To that point, the Christian religion is not what it was during the Founding era.

I take this Political Idolatry head on with what has been in the news this week regarding ‘Confessing Your Sins To Plants’ and ‘Confessing Your Climate Sins’.

Seminaries Are Cemeteries

I have discussed this in the past. There are but a few entities in the US that prepare those called to the pulpit that are not involved in the idolatry that extends past the Political Idolatry. Just look at what we now call the ‘Ivy League’ schools. Closing upon 200 years, the likes of Harvard have forgone the historical Biblical Reformation roots of developing pastors. The ‘Ivy League’ as well as denominational entities are chasing the cash cows of humanism to environmentalism and everything in-between that they encompass.

This is the chicken and egg issue. Idolatry of every flavor is well noted in the historical review on the Bible in total. When those that get to the pulpits are not grounded in the factual, truthful, Reformation Biblical reality,  they produce followers of the same ilk. That ilk enters academia, then the educational system produces more of the same. It is now cyclical. The only break is the return to Full biblical Reformation Truth.

That is why I always refer to the ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’. Those are the pastors needed in the pulpits again. Those are the pastors that need to be teaching the children and preparing the young adults to understand that governing begins at home and that liberty is Christ centric.

Sam Adams On Marriage

As I was researching what Sam Adams had to say about ‘morality, virtue and religion’ in relationship to government and constitutionalism, I came across a letter to his new son-in-law. I was pleased that he brought all the truths to the front of what it takes to have a good marriage relationship.

This letter resonated in that it is also how to put into perspective the implementation of constitutionalism and governing. And those of you who are Fathers of Daughters, I hope that you have the opportunity to vet your future son-in-law as Sam Adams did his.

By the way, the Mr. Wells that wrote the volumes about Samuel Adams and did the collective works on Sam’s writings…. yup… it was his grandson – William Wells.

Join me on Saturday’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

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