Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution: Chapter 28 – John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon.  John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon is one of my most favorite pastors and statesman. He was a strong Patriot working side by side with Sam Adams: — The Clergy as Statesmen. — Witherspoon a Scotchman by Birth. — His Early Life. — Is licensed to preach. — Joins the Army of the Pretender. — Taken Prisoner at the Battle of Falkirk. — His Eminence as a Theologian. — Is elected President of Princeton College. — Flattering Reception in this Country. — Takes Sides with the Colonies. — Elected Member of the New Jersey Legislature. — Scathing Attack of Governor Franklin. — Elected Member of Congress. — His Speech on the Declaration of Independence. — His Great Services in Congress. — His Death.

John Witherspoon had a close working relationship with Samuel Adams. They both stayed in the Continental Congress when all was in a shambles as well as in great success.

From his Pastor and military Patriotism in Scotland to his statesmanship in New Jersey and the Continental Congress, he was stronger in his faith. Witherspoon was consistent in the extensibility of the Gospel. He elevated Princeton to greater recognition than it ever experienced. He was the mento and teacher to many great political minds.

In all, John Witherspoon is the well rounded example of a Patriot Pastor that helped establish this nation. He is one of my all time favorites.

The Book

The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution is the Historical Fact that Christianity (see the link at the end) is the root of our American Heritage and a key factor in the inspiration of the Revolution. God governance is God’s governance and the Citizenry understood this. Those that were Chaplains and Clergy were not just religious mouth pieces. NO, They were warrior Patriots that spoke first the Word of God and then the musket or sword.

I am reading this book as if to my Grandchildren. My great hope is that parents and Grandparents would do the same. I hope and pray more that Pastors would be in these tumultuous times as the same that these Founding Clergy and Chaplains were.

Let us all learn and act according to the Blessing and examples they set for US in our Foundation.

Table of Contents:

You can find the other chapters of the book by following the highlighted link to the Table of Contents here.


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