2-23-19 Fabianism, Charles Spurgeon On Socialism

Introduction: Fabianism Religion

Saturday’s program is looking back into the mirrors of history regarding Fabianism. This methodical and slow effort to turn a government and society into a socialistic one began in the mid-1800’s. This rise was facilitated by the the Pulpits in England as well and in America.

I know I will run out of time to get the heart of ‘democratic socialism’ in America so that will be on the radar for next week but I have found something most shocking to me: Charles Spurgeon on socialism.

Pastors and Politics:

In refreshing my insights and background on socialism, beginning with Fabianism, I came across shocking information regarding the ‘Social Gospel’ or ‘Christian Socialism’. I know a significant amount of researched information regarding the degradation of the ‘Reformation Gospel Teaching’ in America but dropped my jaw and my eye popped out when I read some new information about England in particular.

Because there is a strong affection here in the US to a mid to late 1800’s amazing English pastor by the name of Charles Spurgeon; I had to find out if this pastor was like so many of those in our modern pulpits who Do Not preach against the social, cultural and political evils of the period they live in.

Well, as I already hinted, I was shocked to find out about Spurgeon On Socialism.

An interesting quote: “I have long ago found out that pretty things on paper had better be kept there. I knew a man with a plan for growing plum trees in hedges as they do in Kent, but he never looked to see whether the soil would suit, and so he lost the trees which he put in, and there was an end of his dreams. The wise voter will examine the politician, and consider the veracity of his hopes by passing new bills and spending more of your money.

Someone recently told me that at a table of people trying to solve a problem, the Liberal will make a proposal that sounds good, but the Conservative will ask, ‘Will it work?'” From ‘John Ploughman’s Pictures’ by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Sermons Of the Founding Era:

Just restating what I said last week and for those in the area where I reside, we will be hosting a study of these Sermons Of The Founding Era.

Remember, the Pulpit was in fact, in total reality the core depository of Foundational Principles regarding Liberty. I will open the program with the following two quotes:
“To the Pulpit, the Puritan Pulpit, we owe the moral force which won our Independence.”

– John Wingate Thornton

“This principle, that a whole nation has a right to do whatever it pleases, cannot in any sense whatever be admitted as true. The eternal and immutable laws of justice and morality are paramount to all human legislation. The violations of those laws is certainly within the power of a nation, but it is not among the rights of nations.”

– John Quincy Adams

Our action Item

is begin reading or watching the videos of the book “The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution” and read the introduction to “The Political Sermons of the American Founding Era”. Oh, and challenge your pastors and church leadership to do the same.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. A 2010 Blog Post I did regarding Wa State legislation that is up dated for this program.

2. Spurgeon On Socialism, by Joel McDurmon

3. A different look at Spurgeon’s political views: Nor really an American view of conservatism

4. The Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, Vol 1 (1730 – 1788)

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