Episode 387: National Sins, True History – Ezra Stiles and America

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National sins despises true history. I have to clarify that I’m just a simple individual whoNational Sins studies my Bible, the Reformation and history. It is clear that humanity most often cherishes their sinfulness as proven by the O’biden State of the Union and the antics of the Deamoncrats, especially those wearing the loving abortion pins at that debacle.

As you will learn during the next few series of programs, I will present on and from ‘THE PULPIT OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: OR, The Political Sermons of The Period of 1776’ – is that for a nation to have political stability it must have a moral people. That morality needs to be established in Biblical Reformation Truth or else we have the morality of Satan which we see and hear in every corner of society, political policy and governance. This distinction on morality is fact, it is reality.

In the Preface of the quoted work it is noted that:

‘It is the voice of the Fathers of the Republic, enforced by their example. They invoked God in their civil assemblies, called upon their chosen teachers of religion for counsel from the Bible, and recognized its precepts as the law of their public conduct. The Fathers did not divorce politics and religion, but they denounced the separation as ungodly.’

We have deviated so far in our pulpits from the factual truths of our founding that personal sin is the enforcement of policy and example in political leadership. Where is it that those in political (legislative), bureaucratic or legal positions throughout local and state governance call on those for counsel from the Bible? It is the rare individual at any level of governance that even personally seeks the author of law let alone publicly manifests that they are beholden to and under the authority of the Sovereign of all creation.

This program is a call to, a challenge, maybe a mandate that all, meaning everyone, understands sovereignty. Humanity, especially in these United States, has through humanism, embellished individual sovereignty and dismissed the reality of God’s Sovereign – Jesus the Christ. This misplaced understanding and belief of human sovereignty is the essence of our national sins and rejection of true history.

If you really want to save the Republic then you need to understand and accept the Sovereign who is now and ever shall be in authority over all creation. With that, then those in leadership and governance shall be held to the recognition that ‘ precepts as the law of their public conduct’ must be Biblically held truth.

A Couple Items Covered

In this program I only have time to cover a couple of our national sins. I touch on the pulpits rejecting the true history of our Founding Pulpits. I point out the Satanic Temple of New Mexico rituals in their new abortion clinics. To which I mention the Moloch worshipers in Congress. Lastly, I will introduce Dr. Ezra Stiles and the sermon which will be the focus of some future programs.

True History, Ezra Stiles and America

I’ll not have time to delve into the sermon by Dr. Stiles. He is one that can speak to true history of the founding era. As noted from the ‘Editor’s Prefatory Note’ to his sermon:

‘PRESIDENT STILES was one of the most learned and high-minded men of his time. He was familiar with the lore of the Hebrew and Christian Church. He conversed and corresponded in Hebrew, Latin, and French, with facility, and was Iearned in the Oriental literature and antiquities connected with Biblical history. He taught in astronomy, chemistry, and philosophy. He and his friend Dr. Franklin were among the earliest statisticians in America, and his studies in this science exhibit the most comprehensive and enlightened views. That he was a thorough antiquary is manifest in his history of the Three Tyrannicides, and that he was a true son of New England appears in his saying that the day of the " martyrdom” of King Charles I. “ought to be celebrated as an anniversary thanksgiving that one nation on earth had so much fortitude and public justice as to make a royal tyrant bow to the sovereignty of the people.”

By an extensive foreign correspondence he kept up with the progress of knowledge and discovery, to which he himself contributed. That he was a zealous and an understanding friend of civil and religious liberty, a man of practical knowledge and observation, a sagacious student of men and things, is apparent in his discourse on “Christian Union,” 1760, as well us in this remarkable sermon of on the ”United States elevated to Glory and Honor.” Chancellor Kent said, at the Commencement at Yale College, in 1831: “President Stiles’s zeal for civil and religious liberty was kindled at the altar of the English and New England Puritans, and it was animating and vivid. A more constant and devoted friend to the Revolution and independence of this country never existed. Take him for all in all, this extraordinary man was undoubtedly one of the purest and best gifted men of his age.’

We have few Pastors like Dr. Stiles in our modern times.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Sam was mention by Rev. Dr. Stiles in his Sermon that I will be focusing on. I recommend that you go to page 407 of the book to begin reading this sermon in preparation for the lessons to come.

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National Sins – Just a few:

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