Episode 397: Law, Leaders and Liberty Lost

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Law, Leaders and Lost Liberty are inter-related to the dominating religion of every society. To that truth, I ask everyone, What religion and its god hasLaw, Leaders and Lost Liberty authority over you?

We are seeing that the Constitutional mechanisms of law and law making is now dependent more on the entrenched state religion of humanism and all of its derivatives. Prime examples are the recent court cases such as ‘Judges scold teachers for challenging gender identity, antiracism policies’ and ‘Judge threatens parents with massive penalties for challenging school antiracism dogma.’ We also see the move in various states to fully remove memorials for the Ten Commandments in the name of religious tolerance. This has been the systemic national cultural, political and religious inculcation of evil by invitation as noted in the article of the same title by Ray DiLorenzo.

Ultimately, law reflects leaders who are manifesting the will of the national religious authority – your god or gods who guide your decisions over others. Yes, it is not only the elected but also the bureaucrats, business leaders, judges, attorneys; in effect, all who develop or enforce law, regulations and policies.


‘One desire has been the ruling passion of my life. One high motive has acted like a spur upon my mind and soul. And sooner than that I should seek escape from the sacred necessity that is laid upon me, let the breath of life fail me. It is this: That in spite of all worldly opposition, God’s holy ordinances shall be established again in the home, in the school and in the State for the good of the people; to carve as it were into the conscience of the nation the ordinances of the Lord, to which the Bible and Creation bear witness, until the nation pays homage again to God.’ Abraham Kuyper (l897)

I came upon a book that many have read decades ago but not me, which I want to quote from before giving you the author and title. And yes, this Newsletter is going to have a lot of quotes that we all must attend to or the nation cannot be healed; not through political efforts and the Constitution alone.

‘All thinking appeals to authority, and the question to ask of any man or of any philosophy or religion, is simply this: “What is its authority?’ To what does it appeal as the foundation, the basis, of its thinking?’

‘People who profess to be believers in democracy also have their own brand of authoritarianism. They claim that democracy is the tru way of life and the true form of civil government because it rests on the true foundation, the people. The ancient faith in democracy is summed up in the Latin phrase, vox populi, vox Dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God. The people are thus the god of democracy. No law, no constitution, no religious faith can be permitted to stand in the way of the will of the people. The will of the people incarnates itself in a governing elite who express this general will infallibly. There is a direct connection between the democratic thinking of Rousseau and Karl Marx’ dictatorship of the proletariat.’

‘The authority of any system of thought is the god of that system. Men, by denying God, cannot escape god. God is the inescapable reality, and the inescapable category of thought. When men deny the one true God, they do it only to make false gods.’

These quotes are from the chapter, Law and Authority, in R. J. Rushdoony’s Law and Liberty.

This weeks program is challenging for me to present in that I am taking the risk to identify, not with some pronoun deception, but in more direct terms saying that political solutions for what troubles these United States are fundamentally useless until every elected person and bureaucrat; think, act and rule, under the authority of Christ with Biblical principles leading them.

The Law

‘The law perverted! The law–and, in its wake, all the collective forces of the nation–the law, I say, not only diverted from its proper direction, but made to pursue one entirely contrary! The law become the tool of every kind of avarice, instead of being its check! The law guilty of that very iniquity which it was its mission to punish! Truly, this is a serious fact, if it exists, and one to which I feel bound to call the attention of my fellow-citizens.

We hold from God the gift which, as far as we are concerned, contains all others, Life–physical, intellectual, and moral life.

But life cannot support itself. He who has bestowed it, has entrusted us with the care of supporting it, of developing it, and of perfecting it. To that end, He has provided us with a collection of wonderful faculties; He has plunged us into the midst of a variety of elements. It is by the application of our faculties to these elements, that the phenomena of assimilation and of appropriation, by which life pursues the circle which has been assigned to it, are realized.

Existence, faculties, assimilation–in other words, personality, liberty, property–this is man. It is of these three things that it may be said, apart from all demagogue subtlety, that they are anterior and superior to all human legislation.

It is not because men have made laws, that personality, liberty, and property exist. On the contrary, it is because personality, liberty, and property exist beforehand, that men make laws.’ Bastiat, The Law (Originally published in French1850, In English 1853)

‘The Law Perverted’ is now so real in these United States. Every level of governance is culpable. This includes the family and the church. Families that allow their children to be mutilated and abused defy the laws of nature and Natures God. Churches that allow every form of deviance from Biblical Truth defy the laws of nature and Natures god.

Their god(s), their religions, as we read the Rushdoony quotes, are their final authority for bureaucratic rules, church rules, local and national regulations and ultimately state and national laws. All adjudicated by by judges whose gods are of the humanistic national religion and its various sects.


When we look at law, leaders and lost liberty, leaders cannot even quantify what a woman is (see Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Refuses Three Times to Answer the Question: What is a Woman?) and if they do, they are castigated for declaring such (see UK PM Sunak: 100% Of Women Don’t Have Penises).

The madness of the environmental religion has the likes of the New York Mayor Goes To War Against Meat And Dairy As Climate Agenda Escalates.

“The Adams administration has announced a plan to begin tracking the carbon footprint created by household food consumption,” reports the Gothamist. This will aid the fascist mayor’s goal to “reduce their food-based emissions by 33%” by 2030.

Please note that the 33 percent goal is specifically related to “food”— the food the people of New York choose to consume.

Further note that if you live in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams will track your food consumption. (Source: John Nolte, Nolte: NYC to Track Household Food Consumption to Fight Climate Change,18 April 2023)

The elected defying not only natural morality and common sense but the Biblical God authority over all of creation in that ‘Washington State House Approves Bill Authorizing Hiding Of Children Seeking Transgender Medical Intervention From Parents.’ To this we look at industry, specifically the medical industry: Hospital Sues AG Over Probe Into Transgender Care Services and where the elected hold to moral conscience and foundational principles, industry is subversive, ‘St. Luke’s Plots End-Run Around New Law Protecting Children From Gender Mutilation.’

Lost Liberty

In every aspect of life, ones beliefs are core to every decision one makes. Your religion is every nuance of what you believe and live every thought and action within. Lost liberty in this nation is evidence of a fundamental and purposeful shift away from the Cornerstone Creeds that our Founders understood and has been lost, for the most part, for over 150 years. This then gives reason as to why the law and leaders are the facilitators in the nations destruction. Where to you fit in regards to your religion?

Let me take you through these quotes from an analysis of one of our Founders Cornerstone Creeds, The Westminster Confession.

Consider this regarding Liberty:

Chapter XX

Of Christian Liberty, and Liberty of Conscience

IV. And because the powers which God hath ordained, and the liberty which Christ hath purchased, are not intended by God to destroy, but mutually to uphold and preserve one another; they who, upon pretence of Christian liberty, shall oppose any lawful power, or the lawful exercise of it, whether it be civil or ecclesiastical, resist the ordinance of God. And, for their publishing of such opinions, or maintaining of such practices, as are contrary to the light of nature, or to the known principles of Christianity, whether concerning faith, worship, or conversation; or, to the power of godliness; or, such erroneous opinions or practices, as either in their own nature, or in the manner of publishing or maintaining them, are destructive to the external peace and order which Christ hath established in the Church, they may lawfully be called to account, and proceeded against by the censures of the Church, and by the power of the civil magistrate.

Now the American revision to this that occurred in 1787 took out the last statement: ‘and by the power of the civil magistrate.’ This has had a significant impact on church leaders and civil magistrates since.

Oh, for all, meaning all elected, bureaucrats, military and so on who take an oath, I can be sure that you never had this accountability put on you. Again from the 1646 Westminster Confession:

Chapter XXII

Of Lawful Oaths and Vows

III. Whosoever taketh an oath ought duly to consider the weightiness of so solemn an act; and therein to avouch nothing but what he is fully persuaded is the truth. Neither may any man bind himself by oath to anything but what is good and just, and what he believeth so to be, and what he is able and resolved to perform. Yet it is a sin to refuse an oath touching anything that is good and just, being imposed by lawful authority.

Once again, the 1789 American version struck the last sentence and what effect that has had on oath takers and oath breakers.

What Happened to Law, Leaders and Liberty?

The simple answer is: a lost sense of true authority. For most people, individualism and humanism is so interwoven that they see no authority greater than themselves. This is the mindset that they take into their job, especially in any government or bureaucratic position. Therefore, we have ‘oath breakers’ and lawlessness oozing like ‘The Blob’ from the 1958 movie consuming everything.

To expound on what happened I am taking you down a path most do not want to hear or believe. Yet, this is the harsh truth.

Let me be clear in that the following quotes are not directly related to the Westminster Confession of 1646. The book I’m quoting from below deals with the watering down of fundamental theology and its results, which we are living in our present day.

My emphasis in bold added.

‘Calvinism was once a dominant force socially in Northern Europe, not because there were many Calvinists, but because they were influential out of proportion to their numbers in charitable works, scholarship, science, and business. Yet Calvinism today is unknown to most people. Why? There are many reasons, but the most significant one that Calvinists could and should have prevented was this: the intellectual and spiritual leaders within Calvinism have, for over three centuries, voluntarily surrendered the culturally relevant aspects of Calvinism by accepting the dominant humanist worldview that has assailed the Church. Eventually, Calvinists even abandoned the idea of Christendom – one of John Calvin’s fundamental assumptions: the precious legacy of Augustine, the post-Nicene Church fathers, and the early monastic orders. Meanwhile, the humanists robbed them blind.

From 1660 to 1789, the humanists took the fundamental doctrines of Calvinism and secularized them. They stripped these ideas of all biblical theological content and produced a new man-centered worldview, which became dominant in the West. First, they took the doctrine of the sovereignty of God and made it the sovereignty of nature and nature’s finest product, autonomous man. The twin idols of nature and history again became the idols of man, as they have been throughout pagan history. Second, the Calvinist doctrine of the priesthood of all believers became the foundation of modern democratic theory, beginning with the Levellers in the Cromwell period. Calvinism’s concept of the right of the laity to vote in church elections became the model for politics. Third, the Calvinist view of God’s law and man’s God-given ability to recognize it and apply it to this world became the foundation of modern science and technology. Fourth, Calvinism’s doctrine of God’s sanctions in history – blessings and cursings – became, in the writings of the anti-Calvinist Scottish common sense rationalists, the concept of the impersonal market forces of supply and demand. Fifth, Puritanism’s unique concept of the triumph of the kingdom of God in history became the foundation of the Enlightenment idea of mankind’s inevitable progress.

What is even more remarkable is that once secularized, these doctrines were then re-imported by Calvinist intellectual leaders, and were baptized by them, but without re-establishing their original biblical and covenantal foundations. These alien categories – based on the doctrine of autonomous nature and autonomous man – were then reported by Calvinist leaders to be in full accord with the fundamentals of Calvinism. There is no better example of this baptism of alien intellectual categories than late-Puritan theologian Cotton Mather’s praise of Newton’s unitarian and Deistic concept of scientific law. Mather titled his book, The Christian Philosopher (1721).’

The above quotes are from: WESTMINSTER’S CONFESSION, The Abandonment of Van Til’s Legacy by Gary.North (1991)

Liberty lost is reflective of our lost historical, Biblical thinking and the several hundred years of systematic inculcation of The Enlightenment’s humanism. All the diverse devilish subsets of humanism make finding true Liberty a hunt for a needle in the haystack.

Limited Political Solution for Law, Leaders, and Liberty Lost

By the rationalization of every concept known to human kind, the centuries of degeneration of fundamental historical Biblical doctrines, we have been infected with an identity problem regarding ultimate authority. As noted in the opening, when the Sovereign God is not the ultimate authority in all of creation, then humanity causes another authority to reign.

The political solution to the issues of these United States is limited. The ultimate solutions in the political arena must be in order of the ultimate authority of God as it was for a majority of our Founders at the time of the separation from political, church/religious and economic tyranny.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Sam defers to the sermon by Samuel Willard, The Character Of A Good Ruler. [1694] (my emphasis in bold)

‘Whether the ordination of civil government be an article of the law of nature, and it should accordingly have been established upon the multiplication of mankind, although they had retained their primitive [first] integrity–or whether it have only a positive right, and was introduced upon man’s apostasy, is a question about which all are not agreed. The equity of it, to be sure, is founded in the law natural, and is to be discovered by the light of nature, being accordingly acknowledged by such as are strangers to Scripture revelation; and by Christians it is reducible to the first commandment in the Second Table of the Decalogue; which is supposed to be a transcript of the law given to Adam at the first, and written upon the tables of his heart. For though, had man kept his first state, the moral image concreated [created] in him consisting in, knowledge, righteousness, and true holiness, would have maintained him in a perfect understanding of, and spontaneous obedience to, the whole duty incumbent on him, without the need of civil laws to direct him, or a civil sword to lay compulsion on him; and it would have been the true Golden Age, which the heathen mythologists are so fabulous about. Yet even then did the all-wise God ordain orders of superiority and inferiority among men, and required an honor to be paid accordingly. But since the unhappy fall has robbed man of that perfection, and filled his heart with perverse and rebellious principles, tending to the subversion of all order and the reducing of the world to a chaos, necessity requires, and the political happiness of a people is concerned in, the establishment of civil government. The want of it has ever been pernicious, and attended on with miserable circumstances. When there was no governor in Israel, but every man did what he would, what horrible outrages were then perpetrated, though holy and zealous Phinehas was at that time the high priest? and we ourselves have had a specimen of this in the short anarchy accompanying our late revolution. God’s wisdom therefore, and His goodness is to be adored in that He has laid in such a relief for the children of men, against the mischief which would otherwise devour them, and engraven an inclination on their hearts, generally to comply with it. But this notwithstanding, men’s sins may put a curse into their blessings, and render their remedy to be not better, possibly worse, than the malady. Government is to prevent and cure the disorders that are apt to break forth among the societies of men, and to promote the civil peace and prosperity of such a people, as well as to suppress impiety, and nourish religion. For this end there are to be both rulers, and such as are to be ruled by them: and the weal or woe of a people mainly depends on the qualifications of those rulers, by whom we are to be governed. Hence that observation, Eccles. 10:16, 17. Wo to thee, O Land, when thy King is a Child, and thy Princes eat in the morning. Blessed art thou, O Land! when thy King is the Son of Nobles, and thy Princes eat in due season for strength, and not for drunkenness. There is then much of God’s kindness or displeasure to be read in His providential disposing of this affair. God says of them, Hos. 13:11. I gave them a King in mine Anger.

We have therefore the character of a Good RULER recommended to us in the Word of GOD, and exemplified in some who deserved that epithere, not only to let men know when GOD favors them with such a blessing, that they may return Him His deserved praise for it, but also, both to instruct such into whose hands it falls, how to demean [humble] themselves in their authority, so as to be a common good, and to direct those unto whose trust it is committed, what manner of persons they ought to introduce, if they would either please GOD, or consult their own and their people’s welfare.’

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