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Episode 397: Law, Leaders and Liberty Lost

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Law, Leaders and Lost Liberty are inter-related to the dominating religion of every society. To that truth, I ask everyone, What religion and its god hasLaw, Leaders and Lost Liberty authority over you?

We are seeing that the Constitutional mechanisms of law and law making is now dependent more on the entrenched state religion of humanism and all of its derivatives. Prime examples are the recent court cases such as ‘Judges scold teachers for challenging gender identity, antiracism policies’ and ‘Judge threatens parents with massive penalties for challenging school antiracism dogma.’ We also see the move in various states to fully remove memorials for the Ten Commandments in the name of religious tolerance. This has been the systemic national cultural, political and religious inculcation of evil by invitation as noted in the article of the same title by Ray DiLorenzo.

Ultimately, law reflects leaders who are manifesting the will of the national religious authority – your god or gods who guide your decisions over others. Yes, it is not only the elected but also the bureaucrats, business leaders, judges, attorneys; in effect, all who develop or enforce law, regulations and policies.


‘One desire has been the ruling passion of my life. One high motive has acted like a spur upon my mind and soul. And sooner than that I should seek escape from the sacred necessity that is laid upon me, let the breath of life fail me. It is this: That in spite of all worldly opposition, God’s holy ordinances shall be established again in the home, in the school and in the State for the good of the people; to carve as it were into the conscience of the nation the ordinances of the Lord, to which the Bible and Creation bear witness, until the nation pays homage again to God.’ Abraham Kuyper (l897)

I came upon a book that many have read decades ago but not me, which I want to quote from before giving you the author and title. And yes, this Newsletter is going to have a lot of quotes that we all must attend to or the nation cannot be healed; not through political efforts and the Constitution alone.

‘All thinking appeals to authority, and the question to ask of any man or of any philosophy or religion, is simply this: “What is its authority?’ To what does it appeal as the foundation, the basis, of its thinking?’

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