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It is historically, morally, philosophically and Biblically true that we must govern well or be judged. I will be covering the realities of judgement upon the human race, regardless of political attachments, nation, physical appearance or any other natural differentiator in this world. The whole earth, all of creation, are under the footstool of theGovern Well Sovereign of all that exists.

Short side note: Tucker, like most Americans who call themselves Christians, is only now beginning to understand: Biblical reality.. Watch the analysis here.

To this Judgement I add that your suffrage means nothing. That is correct, the criminal activities of election fraud negates your vote. Therefore installing the wicked to act upon a people for judgement. This is Biblically historically factual. More to the early days of the ratification of the Constitution, Richard Henry Lee wrote as ‘The Federal Farmer’ in 1788,

‘The advocates of the constitution say we must trust to the administration, and elect good men for representatives. I admit, that in forming the social compact, we can fix only general principles, and, of necessity, must trust something to the wisdom and integrity of the administration. But the question is, do we not trust too much, and to men also placed in the vortex of temptation, to lay hold of proffered advantages for themselves and their connections, and to oppress the body of the people.

It is one thing to authorise a well organized legislature to make laws, under the restraints of a well guarded constitution, and another to assemble a few men, and to tell them to do what they please. I am not the more shaken in my principles, or disposed to despair of the cause of liberty, because some of our able men have adopted the yielding language of non-resistance, and writers dare insult the people with the signatures of Caesar, Mark Antony, and of other tyrants; because I see even moderate and amiable men, forced to let go of monarchy in 1775, still in love with it, to use the simile of our countrymen, when the political pot boils, the skum will often get uppermost and make its appearance. I believe the people of America, when they shall fully understand any political subject brought before them, will talk in a very different stile, and use the manly language of freedom.’

What we now see, hear and are experiencing are the skum which has fully boiled to the top through the perverted elections process. And regarding the potentials for those to be elected, Lee summarizes with,

‘On the whole, it appears to me to be almost a self-evident position, that when we call on thirty or forty thousand inhabitants to unite in giving their votes for one man, it will be uniformly impracticable for them to unite in any men, except those few who have become eminent for their civil or military rank, or their popular legal abilities: it will be found totally impracticable for men in the private walks of life, except in the profession of the law, to become conspicuous enough to attract the notice of so many electors and have their suffrages.’

Samuel Cheever in 1712 would add this caution regarding election of representatives and to the representatives as well. The following are pulpit comments rarely heard from modern ministers. Dare you read on from a pulpit of old?

‘Third branch of the exhortation: To the representatives, and worthy gentlemen concerned in the government. Remember, you have a great trust committed to you. Let me request that you would be faithful to God and his people. What was lodged formerly in the hands of a considerable body of people, is now devolved upon your care and prudence. Be careful then in your choice, to choose such as are really friends to the government, (I mean) to the great GOD and LORD of all. Choose none who are disaffected to God’s government; do not imagine your suffrages are your own; there is a God among you, to whom you stand accountable for this, and every day’s work. Let all sinister ends and by-respects be laid aside: You must choose for God, as Jehoshaphat told his judges, They judged not for Man, but for the Lord, 2 Chron. 19:6. For it must be remembered, you are under God’s government, choosing for God: Choose able men, and such as will do good service for God and his people. And remember, the laws of God’s realm are by a multitude miserably neglected; and you are entrusted with the execution of them. You have done well to give your civil sanction; and if any thing more can be done, it will be very pleasing in the Lord’s sight, for the suppressing those gross vices which abound so much among us. We have indeed good laws against vice and immorality, but there is certainly a fault among us, that they are not better executed.’

The last words of this paragraph are the most critical of all, ‘are not better executed.’ Where there is good teaching from the pulpits, the application into every aspect of life is not expected. Biblical application is so personalized that it is quasi-narcissism. Cheever’s sermon extends xxxx In our present time we have the perverse use of law and especially laws going back to post Civil War times. A side note with this, on the program, I comment on my Audio introduction to Bastiat’s ‘The Law,’ which I did fourteen years ago. I predicted archaic law being used when convenient.

Govern Well – Where We Look

I will consider three sources for the remainder of this program: first, Richard Henry Lee’s two ‘Federal Farmer’ articles of 1788. Second, Samuel Cheever, Pastor of the Church in Marblehead 1712 sermon, ‘GOD’S Sovereign Government Among the NATIONS.’ Third, Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos, (A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants) by Junius Brutus.

I will write a tad more but will take you on a present day applicable journey through these three. With this intent for the program, we need to consider more from Samuel Cheever:

It’s most certain, that God’s government is the easiest government; his laws are the most just and equal. And if this be demonstrated, sound reason as well as conscience in every man will give its suffrage that God should be Governour in Chief over all, and all deference, and submission should be given to him above and before any other; it’s so equal, that God reasons the case, Micah 6:2, 3, and would have his people testify against him, if they knew any just cause to be weary of him: And in Jer. 2:5, would have Israel tell, what iniquity they found in him, to go far from him. God governs indeed by law, and will uphold the honour of his government, not let his authority be trampled upon, but will punish the contempt of it; but he imposes no grievous burdens, as men sometimes do, Luk. 11:46. Christ’s commands are not grievous, 1 Joh. 5:3, and hence Christ assures us, That his Yoke is easy, and will be so where it is lined with love, Mat. 11:30, and a new nature given, which our blessed Lord hath purchased by his blood, and is one among the All things delivered him by the Father, as is hinted, in Matt. 11:27, he being made of God to us, Sanctification, as well as righteousness, as we find inserted, 1 Cor. 1:30. It’s only therefore corrupt nature that will complain, not grace: And these laws of God’s government are the most beneficial, useful, and every way profitable to the subject: Godliness being profitable to all things, having the promise of this life, as well as that to come; so that upon the whole, it may be well called, a reasonable Service, Rom. 12:1, and the easiest in the world. And here, I might summon the experience of Christ’s faithful subjects: David invites the faithful, Psal. 34:8. O taste and see that the Lord is good: What sweetness did he find in God’s laws! Read, Psal. 19:10. They were sweeter than honey; and Psal. 119:16 it was his delight; and so 24 and 72 verses. And as God hath among us a number of faithful and loyal subjects, so there are such as have lived under both governments; once were in a state of nature, now in a state of grace; other lords have had dominion over you, but through grace you have submitted to God’s name, and his only; surely you can speak well of his government, and would not change this God, nor yield yourselves to be servants of sin, and Satan again; you never repented your choice, but grieved only that you submitted no sooner thereto, and can readily give your affidavit to the world, that it is the easiest, and best government, and far more eligible than to be under the tyranny and bondage of sin and Satan. But I must not enlarge any further, but come to the APPLICATION:…’

As Cheever moves to the specifics of applying the truths of how to Govern Well and vote (give suffrage)well, so to must I move to the application of truth for our present situations… and briefly, if you consider my discussions brief.

The First Question

Giving Suffrage is a fixed principle (PERIOD). Allowing non residents, illegals, to vote in any election is the destruction of Constitutionalism all the way back to Magna Charta.

Richard Henry Lee note this on 12 January 1788:

‘It is well observed by Montesquieu, that in republican governments, the forms of elections are fundamental; and that it is an essential part of the social compact, to ascertain by whom, to whom, when, and in what manner suffrages are to be given.

Wherever we find the regulation of elections have not been carefully fixed by the constitution, or the principles of them, we constantly see the legislatures new modifying its own form, and changing the spirit of the government to answer partial purposes.

By the proposed plan it is fixed, that the qualifications of the electors of the federal representatives shall be the same as those of the electors of state representatives; though these vary some in the several states the electors are fixed and designated.’

During a significant debate in 1579, the Liberty response to the conditions at hand was in ‘A DEFENCE OF LIBERTY AGAINST TYRANTS.’ I want to begin with, ‘THE FIRST QUESTION.’

Whether subjects are obligated to obey rulers who issue commands contrary to the law of God.’

I will establish our present time by reviewing segments of the full response. I will italicize and bold points of impact for our national situation.

‘But there are many rulers in these days who call themselves “Christian”, who arrogantly assume that their power is limited by no one, not even by God, and they surround themselves with flatterers who adore them as gods upon earth. Not to mention the many others who, out of fear or constraint, either believe, or appear to believe, that rulers ought to be obeyed in all things, and by all men. Therefore, seeing the unhappiness of these times is such that there is nothing so firm, certain, or pure, that it is not shaken, disgraced, or polluted, that anyone who shall thoroughly consider these things will admit that this question is not only most profitable, but also most necessary. For my own part, when I consider the cause of the many calamities that have afflicted Christendom lately, I am reminded of the words of the prophet Hosea: “The princes of Judah were like those that remove a boundary. On them I will pour out my wrath like water. Ephraim is oppressed, crushed in judgment, because he was determined to follow the commandments of men.” (Hosea 5:10-11) Here you see the sin of the rulers and people fully displayed in these two verses. The rulers exceed their authority, not being content with that authority which the almighty and all good God has given them, but seek to usurp that sovereignty which He has reserved to Himself over all men. And not being content with absolute power over the lives and property of their subjects, these tyrants seize for themselves the right to rule over their consciences as well, over which the authority belongs to Jesus Christ alone. Holding the earth not great enough for their ambition, they want to climb and conquer heaven itself. The people, on the other hand, follow the commandments of men when they yield to these rulers who command that which is against the law of God. Thus, the people burn incense and adore these earthly gods and, instead of resisting them (if they are able), they instead permit them to usurp the place of God, apparently untroubled by their giving to Caesar that which belongs properly to God.’

Be Judged

Many pastors including the evangelical ones do not teach that God Judges the world in all aspects. It is our personal sin that contributes to this based on decisions we make in its application in all of life. Here you must read the applications of what Samuel Cheever preached. Here is a hint of it:

‘We may hence learn, That if God be the Supreme Governour, and hath, as you have heard, such an indubitable right to govern the world, That sin, and especially willful sin, whatever advocates it may have in the world, is certainly the most malignant and mischievous evil, that can possibly be. The laws of God’s realm are so holy, just and good, that sin which is the transgression of such laws must needs be very evil; and will be very bitter at last, how light a matter soever men make of it…’

Read the rest yourself for there is judgement in this present world and time in history.

And remember, God owns the wind and all of nature is in his control. See the Pfizer article in this Weeks News Articles.

Who Should Rule?

Just a reminder that you need to read chapter 6 of ‘The Administrative State, A Study of the Political Theory Of American Public Administration. Yes, we are there… It was laid out that the Rulers of these United States should be bureaucrats and businessmen.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Samuel Adams to Richard Henry Lee, 1787

‘…I meet with a National Government, instead of a Federal Union of Sovereign States. I am not able to conceive why the Wisdom of the Convention led them to give the Preference to the former before the latter. If the several States in the Union are to become one entire Nation, under one Legislature, the Powers of which shall extend to every Subject of Legislation, and its Laws be supreme & controul the whole, the Idea of Sovereignty in these States must be lost. Indeed I think, upon such a Supposition, those Sovereignties ought to be eradicated from the Mind; for they would be Imperia in Imperio justly deemd a Solecism in Politicks, & they would be highly dangerous, and destructive of the Peace Union and Safety of the Nation. And can this National Legislature be competent to make Laws for the free internal Government of one People, living in Climates so remote and whose “Habits & particular Interests” are and probably always will be so different. Is it to be expected that General Laws can be adapted to the Feelings of the more Eastern and the more Southern Parts of so extensive a Nation? It appears to me difficult if practicable. Hence then may we not look for Discontent, Mistrust, Disaffection to Government and frequent Insurrections, which will require standing Armies to suppress them in one Place & another where they may happen to arise. Or if Laws could be made, adapted to the local Habits, Feelings, Views & Interests of those distant Parts, would they not cause Jealousies of Partiality in Government which would excite Envy and other malignant Passions productive of Wars and fighting. But should we continue distinct sovereign States, confederated for the Purposes of mutual Safety and Happiness, each contributing to the federal Head such a Part of its Sovereignty as would render the Government fully adequate to those Purposes and no more, the People would govern themselves more easily, the Laws of each State being well adapted to its own Genius & Circumstances, and the Liberties of the United States would be more secure than they can be, as I humbly conceive, under the proposed new Constitution. You are sensible, Sir, that the Seeds of Aristocracy began to spring even before the Conclusion of our Struggle for the natural Rights of Men, Seeds which like a Canker Worm lie at the Root of free Governments. So great is the Wickedness of some Men, & the stupid Servility of others, that one would be almost inclined to conclude that Communities cannot be free. The few haughty Families, think They must govern. The Body of the People tamely consent & submit to be their Slaves. This unravels the Mystery of Millions being enslaved by the few!’

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1. Samuel Cheever, God’s Sovereign Government among the Nations Asserted (1712)

2. Anti-federalists Papers: Richard Henry Lee: 4 January 1788 and 12 January 1788

3. Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos (A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants) by Junius Brutus

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