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9-26-20 Rerun Sam on Elections and Voting Integrity

Elections and Voter Integrity

Elections and Voting Integrity is on the minds of many. We have seen a resurgence in the number of citizens interested in voting since a Peoples Presidential candidate ran in 2016 and is now again in office. The question on the minds of many is: What will Voting Integrity be in this 2020 election cycle?

Once again I cal only say that there is ‘nothing new under the sun.’ Yes, Sam Adams spoke directly to this in three key documents that I am re-sharing this week. I am giving you the ‘Link to the Script’ for this program that includes an article from ‘April 16th after the Ratification of the Articles of Confederation.’ ‘a letter written to the Massachusetts State Legislature’ and an ‘Article in the Boston Gazette in 1781.’

The words written by Sam regarding Citizens responsibility in the election process echos true for 2020. He then give the details of the debacle we are presently by predicting that the elected can become the bane of not only the nation – but of their states and local governments.

My hope for this program is that those that fear the present election cycle regarding Voting Integrity would listen or read the script so as to be clear and implement historical truth that could keep US mindfully aware of the need to:

  • First, vet candidates according to foundational principles

  • Second, be encouraged by Sam to exercise our responsibility to vote with integrity

  • Third, hold the elected accountable. This is difficult when political parties control and sustain candidates for power. Yes, Sam talks about political parties here.

  • Lastly, Understand what true Liberty is and never let it be lost.

For those confident in the 2020 Elections, listen to the program or read the script since the next thing is to find every mechanism possible to hold the elected accountable. With that, remember that the career bureaucrats must be cleaned out!

Last, which is in fact first in the program, Sam give the highlights of the Articles of Confederation. Listen or read the key points so that as you consider Constitutionalism, you will look at what should be accomplished to ensure that the Constitution in operation today will hold to the true foundational principles

Why the Rerun?

I needed to travel this week and work hard to get some new jams developed so that we can drive revenue to support this effort. Hence, I ran out of time to get all things done and get a new program finished.

With that, Stand by next week. I have done a lot of research that covers 1620 to the present. Oh, the parallels in history are uncanny. So make sure you are ready for next weeks program!

How You Can Support The Cause.

The economics in life changes often. Keeping this short, Please let everyone you know in Ohio to support what we do to keep Samuel Adams active. They can do this by going to our Pepper-Licious web site and buy some of our Boutique Pepper Jams. Go to Pepper-Licious.

Throwing It Out There:

Over the last ten months I have been asked to bring my program to a Christian radio network. Obviously this is not free. So I’m throwing it out there that if I can get interest in monthly sponsorships I would be willing to put the program on Wilkins Radio Network. If you know anyone that would be interested in helping on this we can discuss what it would take to move forward.

And because you keep asking!


1. Follow the Link to the podcast. If I get time next week I’ll make the podcast a video to put up on Youtube.

2. Podcast Script

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4-25-20 Expanded: Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Voting

Blooper :

My apologies for having to rerun “Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Voting.” In fact, I had a fabulous guest phone interview that I promised you last week. Joan Swirsky is a delight to converse with. Well, I created a Blooper by not having one of the cables on the mixer in the wrong place. Hence, we had a great interview and although the meter on the recording device showed I was getting her side of the conversation, well it was not enough for even the best software to boost the volume.

Joan is kind enough to agree on a re-interview for next week. In fact, there is so much to talk to Joan about that I intend to invite her on again sometime this summer as well.

Updating the Blog portion :  Ballot Theft

The original broadcast of Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Votingwas in September of 2018. My how time flies. Yet, as I listened to the content, the core issue is more important to address. Continue reading

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4-11-20 Lost Vote Predicted in 1787

Predicted  Lost Vote by Congressional Action

Control over elections and the potential for a Lost Vote was predicted in 1787 and 1788. The Anti-federalists argued that Article 1 Section 4 would at some point impact the core right of voting and become corrupted.

This Lost Vote is the essence of the program.

Oh, the last reference is a late add that did not go out in the Newsletter nor spoken of on the program. Yes a Governor dictates how his State can and will worship of suffer the consequences. Continue reading

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Post Election Reflections – Plus

11-10- 18 Post Election Reflections – Plus

On this program I am doing quick Post Election Reflections – Plus I indent to develop the more critical conversation of how did we get here and where are we going? InElection Reflections the First reference link for today’s program is a well written article to the subjects of ‘the power elite’ and a chasm of ‘knowledge gap’, which I have spoke of in many of my other programs such as: Education For A Modern Republic, Educating Sam Adams and Thoughts Upon The Mode Of Education Proper In A Republic.

As part of the discussion on education that I want to reference is this article which must be memorialized and read by everyone who get this newsletter: “Knowles: Dem Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because ‘They Can’t Win in the Battle of Ideas’ – ‘If they teach history, they’re going to lose.’” This article is another key to what occurred This past Tuesday and is critical in the Post Election Reflections that MUST be addressed as we move to 2020.


Continue reading

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10-20-18 Ageless Constitution and Voting

Ageless Constitution and Voting

We do have an Ageless Constitution that is most pertinent to the present. It is timeless in Principles. A most Critical discussion during the 1787 debates was and continues to be on Voting.

What does ‘Suffrage’ mean? How do we maintain the equity in Voting? And is our Constitution Timeless – Ageless?

I discuss all of these questions on this program. The concept of ‘Suffrage’ was heavily debated and James Madison is our primary arbiter in this discussion. It is critical to hear what Mason has to say to understand how important the right to vote is and that we need moral and virtuous Citizens that can develop into moral and virtuous elected representatives.

With that said: The mirrors of history come to reflective reality here on Samuel Adams Returns.

And because you keep asking!


1. Notes and Debate on Suffrage

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7-14-18 Swamp Update and Sam Adams on Voting

This week is simple: In the first segment I give a quick update from the founders perspective on the Supreme Court Nomination and the hellacious noises from the Court steps to the main stream media. The last two segments are regarding ‘What’ Sam Adams had to say about voting and how we should vet candidates as well as develop future leaders through morality in education. He said this: “As Piety, Religion and Morality have a happy influence on the minds of men, in their public as well as private transactions, you will not think it unseasonable, although I have frequently done it, to bring to your remembrance the great importance of encouraging our University, town schools, and other seminaries of education, that our children and youth while they are engaged in the pursuit of useful science, may have their minds impressed with a strong sense of the duties they owe to their God, their instructors and each other, so that when they arrive to a state of manhood, and take a part in any public transactions, their hearts having been deeply impressed in the course of their education with the moral feelings—such feelings may continue and have their due weight through the whole of their future lives.”

References for today are the four volumes of Sam Adams writings:

Continue reading

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November 8, 2014 – Journey to Sam Adams Returning and Did the Midterm Election Mean Anything?

On this broadcast of Samuel Adams Returns – The Anti-federalist Got It Right, ( www.lwrn.net ) I discuss the underlying principles that has brought me on the journey of why Samuel Adams needs to Return.  In the third segment I was compelled to mention something about the recent Mid-term elections.  Regarding these elections, I thought it important to review what George Washington said in his Farewell Address.  As promised in that segment, here a link to the Farewell Address and the ability to download it from here as well.


All audios below are in radio programs segment order:
The Anti-federalist view of the Senate – Segment 1
The Anti-federalist view of the Senate – Segment 2
The Anti-federalist view of the Senate – Segment 3

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October 4, 2014 Sam Adams on Voter Integrity

Sam discusses what he wrote after the ratification of the Article of Confederation regarding Voting, Voter integrity, the Responsibility of the Elected to the Citizenry and a few words about Candidate Vetting.


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