Episode 383: House Rules, Unruly, Attention-seeking, Defiantly Lawless Recalcitrant Reckless Leftists and Thomas Coombs Plus Mr. Magoon

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Last week I mentioned that I was going to bring you a comparison of theHouse Rules 117th and 118th Congress ‘House Rules.’ Let’s face it, there are dozens full time reporters and pundits that were on this as soon as the 118the Congress Rules were passed on Monday. With that in mind, I have put some of those analysis in the References so that you can dig deeper when you have time. I do hope that you have the interest because the 118th Congress Rules are significant in our Representatives legislating more toward the will of the people instead of the aristocracy and oligarchs in D. C.

On this weeks program I do a quick commentary on the Rules. I then move on to discussing the debacle that has become the Senate. I have spoken on this before but it is critical to make your awareness again since the Bills passed in the house are likely to be ‘DOA,’ Dead On Arrival, in the Senate. Don’t think that the Senate is going to go along with the first action of the House in defunding 87,000 IRS agents… Ha!

Therefore I’m bringing the Anti-Federalist Brutus to the forefront. You can read what he wrote at the link to his article here.

Why Our Fight Is Righteously Justified

You will hear this again in the Third segment of the program:

‘It is not in rebellion, it is not in violation of the spirit of law and contempt of the Constitution, that we arise and join with such amazing unanimity. No, ye illustrious shades of our pious ancestors, and ye martyrs of whatever age or clime, who have shed your tears and your blood for dying freedom. Ye cloud of witnesses with which we are encompassed about, we declare as in your presence, and we declare to the whole earth, that such are not our aims that our public measures result from a dreadful necessity—that America hath resisted purely on the footing of self-preservation’

Quick Comment: Biden Doc’s Debacle

Just a quick comment on the real circus that everyone has observed this week as the Biden Doc’s Debacle unfolded: I stand on the description of the Daemoncrats noted in the title – Unruly – Attention-seeking – Defiantly Lawless – Recalcitrant – Reckless Leftists.

Now we shall continue to observe how the radical Marxists in the Daemoncrat party throw Biden under the bus: Attorney General Merrick Garland Assigns Special Counsel to Investigate Joe Biden for Possession of Classified Documents. As well as – Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/12/23

Chaplains Coombs and Magoon

What both of these Clergy, these Chaplains of the Revolution spoke resonate for our very present. I read their respective messages, CHAPTER XLIV And CHAPTER XLIII in the later part of the Second and then Thirds segments. You can find the link to the Chaplains and Clergy of the American Revolution in the References.

Sam Adams Wisdom

I have take the liberty to modernize these two paragraphs from Sam’s letter. I make his words resonate more with our present. To read the original, go to The Writings of Samuel Adams Volume II.


[R. H. Lee, Life of Arthur Lee, vol. ii., pp. 173-577.]

BOSTON, July 31st, 1771.

In the various States and these United States we are every day experiencing the miserable effects of arbitrary power. The people are paying the unrighteous tribute (taxes), (I wish I could say they were groaning under it, for that would seem as if they felt they are submitting to it,) in hopes that the nation will at length revert to justice. But before that time comes, it is to be feared they will be so accustomed to bondage, as to forget they were ever free. Swarms of locusts (lobbyists) and caterpillars (career bureaucrats) are maintained by this tribute in luxury and splendor, and a standing army with all the federal agencies, especially Home Land Security which is active in Seattle, (but not in most various cities, thank God, since the 5th March 1770, and presently distributed in all the States, who are but within call upon occasion). While our independent governor and President of these United States is found to crouch to his superiors, and to look down upon and sneer at those below him, he is from time to time receiving instructions how to govern this people, to govern!? rather to harass and insult his country in distress. . .where these men’s adulating priestlings having greater influence then they should, being those petty pastors, who are reminding the leftist governor’s and President that they were born and educated for central planning, forgetting perhaps if these pastors ever knew, that the tyrants of Rome were the natives of Rome. Among other edicts which have been lately sent to these governors and President, there is one which prohibits their assenting/agreeing to any tax-bill, unless the commissioners (the corporatists) and other officers (civil and ecclesiastical), whose salaries are not paid out of moneys granted by this government, are exempted from a tax on the profits of their commissions/appointments. Nothing that I can say will heighten the resentment of a man of sense and virtue against such a mandate; and yet our governor and President would have us think it is a mark of his paternal goodness. Another instruction forbids the governors and President to give their assent to grants to any agent (a small business person), unless he is appointed by a law of the province, or a resolve of the assembly, to which these excellencies consent. And a third requires them to refuse their assent to a future election of such councillors as shall presume to meet together as a council, without being summoned by them into their presence. Therefore elections are manipulated by the controls of their party authorities for their benefactors. These instructions, so humiliating to the council (the Houses of Representatives), the secretary by the governor’s and President’s orders have entered on their journals through executive orders.

It has been observed that the nearer any man approaches to an absolute independence, the more he will be flattered; and flattery is always great in proportion as the motives of flatterers are bad. These observations are so disgraceful to human nature that I wish I could say they were not founded in experience. Perhaps there never was a man in this Nation more flattered, or who bore it better, I mean who was better pleased with it, than leftist and RINO Governors and President Biden. You have seen a Miss in her teens, surrounded with dying lovers, praising her gay ribbons, the dimples in her cheeks or the tip of her ear! In imitation of the globalist Europe and the social justice ideologues, whom we are too apt to imitate in fopperies (showy folly and foolishness), great speeches and deep media approbation have been procured and presented to these, Governors and the President, chiefly from their political dependents and expectants. Indeed Many of the modern clergy have run into the stream of attention to the desires and wants of the leftist political class, which is the more astonishing, when it is considered that they altogether depend upon the ability and good disposition of their parishes for their support. But it is certain that not a fifth part, some say not an eighth part of the clergy, were Not present before these politicians. The present century, not like 1771, cannot, therefore, be said to be the language of the body of the Biblically sound clergy, and all ages have seen that some of that order have ever been ready to sacrifice the rights as well as the honoured religion of their country, to the smiles of the great. It is a sore mortification that the independent house’s of representatives, and the Red States have refused to make their compliments to a man, whose administration since the departure of President Trump, they can by no means approve of. From hence you will judge whether these addresses speak the sentiments of the people in general, or are any more than the foul breath of sycophants and hirelings.

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