Episode 382: The 118th Congress Win For GOP Power Brokers Or Coalition Government

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Is The 118th Congress a win for GOP power brokers or the forcing of the normal? I have rewritten this post four times as the wind has changed events over this past week. I want to be clear that I am true to118th Congress the content of Montezuma’s 1787 article on the video/audio of the actual program. Yet, there are, as always, a lot of content that goes beyond the forty-five minutes of the program.

How do I see this seemingly confused opening to the 118th Congress? I find it refreshing and most appropriate for our time in history. At issue is how the House Rules must be changed to represent some semblance of a Constitutional Republic again. In this standoff, one of the most important proposed Rule changes by the Freedom Caucus is ‘single subject appropriation bills.’ Getting this commitment from a Speaker would be a superb win for the taxpayer and a start to controlling the spending of the swamp monsters.

On next weeks program, I am going to do a deeper dive in the House Rules and what the potential changes could be.

A Coalition Government

We have a number of the elitists establishment types calling for a ‘Coalition Government.’ First off, we are not a Parliamentary form of government. Any coalition is in fact conceding to the left and the establishment, yes the repudicans too. These are the enemy of our Constitutional Republic.

What history proves is that coalition governments are a total disaster for Liberty of the Citizenry. That is why our Founders refused and fully rejected the British Parliamentary style of governing and chose to develop a Constitutional Republic.

To emphasize the evils of a Coalition Government, I have spoken of the success of Kozak plan in the communist take over of Czechoslovakia via a Parliamentary form of government. In those blogs I reference how even Gramsci laid out the mechanisms to defeat the fine line of liberty in US Constitutionalism.

We have seen what is happening in the House coming since the Anti-Federalists challenged the implementation of the 1787 Constitution. And now, we have very strong establishment elitist power brokers placing the hint toward a ‘Coalition government’ into the House of Representatives:

From Twitter

John Kasich


A block of House Republicans should get together with Democrats to pick a speaker to run a coalition government, which will moderate the House and marginalize the extremists.

1:48 PM · Jan 3, 2023

Extremists? Really?

By the way, Kasich was successful in Ohio by forming an elitist republican coalition to knock out the true Conservative as Ohio’s Speaker of the House. Demoncrats saw the advantage of a ‘moderate repudican’ and therefore crossed over to elect the Speaker. As reported in the Columbus Dispatch, published January 3, 2023:

“There was clearly division on the other side, and they needed our votes,” House Minority Leader Allison Russo, D-Upper Arlington, said. “We took the opportunity to make sure that we were going to be working with a speaker who we felt like, at the end of the day, would work with us on the issues we could agree on.”

And again from the article:

‘In the end, Democrats backed Stephens because they believed he would work with them on an “honest effort to get to bipartisan maps” when redistricting starts back up, fully implementing the new school funding formula, supporting workers and supporting infrastructure.’

Those taking my Ohio Constitution class know that it was the work of Eric Holder that created the redistricting mess in Ohio. Now, the demoncrats want to press that effort forward to turn Ohio Blue.

Now, the disgraced looser Kinzinger is also calling for a ‘Coalition Government.’

What’s up with Ohio anyway?

Montezuma Called It Correctly

Getting back to the 118th Congress, here is a quote from my focus Anti-Federalist for this weeks program:

‘…men who (though totally incapable of thinking or acting in governmental matters) are more readily led than driven, we have thought meet (suitable or convenient) to indulge them in something like a democracy in the new constitution, which part we have designated by the popular name of the House of Representatives.’

Wait until to you hear the complete description of our present as predicted from the past, with me reading my updated version and commenting on the article which was written by Montezuma, 17 October 1787.

You can download the full annotated and commented Montezuma article here. Here is a link to the first time I referenced Montezuma for you in 2017.

History of the Conservative Movement

Before you go any further, you need to gain a clear understanding that the battle raging in the States and National House’s of Representatives. To get a well done historical perspective you must watch Dr. Gary North as he explains the History of the Conservative Movement.

What is clear is that there are few, very few at either the State or Federal levels of government that are not compromised with their particular swamps. Most, as our Anti-Federalist Montezuma shall prove, prefer to be captivated into the ‘aristocratization of the House members:

‘But to guard against every possible danger from this lower house, we have subjected every bill they bring forward, to the double negative of our upper house and president (or governor at the State level). Nor have we allowed the populace the right to elect their representatives annually … lest this body should be too much under the influence and control of their constituents, and thereby prove the “weatherboard of our grand edifice (large, splendid and great structure), to show the shiftings of every fashionable gale,”—for we have not yet to learn that little else is wanting to aristocratize the most democratical representative than to make him somewhat independent of his political creators.

As Dr. North points out, the majority of the modern Repudicans / moderate conservatives are involved in the same Darwinian Central Planning as the Demoncrat = Socialist and Communists.

Power Brokers of The GOP, Will 118th Congress be The New Parliament?

By this Friday afternoon or on Saturday, the vote for a Speaker very well make the top contender the winner. Yet there are those who are again rattling the saber of a ‘coalition’ House. That would indeed create a form of a Parliamentary House such that the House Rules would remain the same with the ‘leftists’ stopping any legislation contrary to their agenda.

Who are the real power brokers? Are they the Club for growth and the CLF? More often then not those two would be the serious players in this contention. But not this time. The wrangling that is occurring is being lead by the Representatives that understand their constituents. The Freedom Caucus is in fact representing a Constitutionalism for a Republic. As one can recognize by reading Montezuma and watching the series on the History of Conservatism, We do have a consolidated government as predicted by the Anti-Federalists.

The critical time is now and the Tucker Carlson analysis from 1/5 on this battle sums it up nicely.

Sam Adams Wisdom


[MS , Lee Papers, American Philosophical Society, a draft is in the Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library , a text is in W. V Wells, Life of Samuel Adams, vol. in , pp. 251-253]

BOSTON Decr 3d 1787

I am to acknowledge your several Favours of the 5th and 27 of October, the one by the Post and the other by our worthy Friend Mr Gerry. The Session of our General Court which lasted six Weeks, and my Station there requiring my punctual & constant Attendance, prevented my considering the new Constitution as it is already called, so closely as was necessary for me before I should venture an Opinion. I confess, as I enter the Building I stumble at the Threshold. I meet with a National Government, instead of a Federal Union of Sovereign States. I am not able to conceive why the Wisdom of the Convention led them to give the Preference to the former before the latter. If the several States in the Union are to become one entire Nation, under one Legislature, the Powers of which shall extend to every Subject of Legislation, and its Laws be supreme & controul the whole, the Idea of Sovereignty in these States must be lost. Indeed I think, upon such a Supposition, those Sovereignties ought to be eradicated from the Mind; for they would be Imperia in Imperio justly deemd a Solecism in Politicks, & they would be highly dangerous, and destructive of the Peace Union and Safety of the Nation. And can this National Legislature be competent to make Laws for the free internal Government of one People, living in Climates so remote and whose “Habits & particular Interests” are and probably always will be so different. Is it to be expected that General Laws can be adapted to the Feelings of the more Eastern and the more Southern Parts of so extensive a Nation? It appears to me difficult if practicable. Hence then may we not look for Discontent, Mistrust, Disaffection to Government and frequent Insurrections, which will require standing Armies to suppress them in one Place & another where they may happen to arise. Or if Laws could be made, adapted to the local Habits, Feelings, Views & Interests of those distant Parts, would they not cause Jealousies of Partiality in Government which would excite Envy and other malignant Passions productive of Wars and fighting. But should we continue distinct sovereign States, confederated for the Purposes of mutual Safety and Happiness, each contributing to the federal Head such a Part of its Sovereignty as would render the Government fully adequate to those Purposes and no more, the People would govern themselves more easily, the Laws of each State being well adapted to its own Genius & Circumstances, and the Liberties of the United States would be more secure than they can be, as I humbly conceive, under the proposed new Constitution. You are sensible, Sir, that the Seeds of Aristocracy began to spring even before the Conclusion of our Struggle for the natural Rights of Men, Seeds which like a Canker Worm lie at the Root of free Governments. So great is the Wickedness of some Men, & the stupid Servility of others, that one would be almost inclined to conclude that Communities cannot be free. The few haughty Families, think They must govern. The Body of the People tamely consent & submit to be their Slaves. This unravels the Mystery of Millions being enslaved by the few! But I must desist—My weak hand prevents my proceeding further at present. I will send you my poor Opinion of the political Structure at another Time. In the Interim oblige me with your Letters; & present mine and Mrs A’s best Regards to your Lady & Family, Colo Francis, Mr A. L. if with you, & other Friends, & be assured that I am

very affectionately yours

As I thought it a Piece of Justice I have venturd to say that I had often heard from the best Patriots from Virginia that Mr G Mason was an early active & able Advocate for the Liberties of America.

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