Last Chapters: Finishing the last Four Chapters: Chaplains and Clergy

Final Chapters: 43 – 46 of Chaplains and Clergy

This week Is completing the Final Chapters of the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution. For this week I’m combining an audio of chapters 43 through 46. I will be editing each chapter to properly list it in the index of Chaplains and Clergy.

I will be completing this effort by putting the video and audio on thumb drives for my Grandkids. I will also be making the thumb drives available for purchase when the project is completed.

Precursor to Next Week

Completing this audio of this book is a precursor to next weeks program. The content for next week is intense and will direct our present political, social and economic issues back to the pulpits. I will be presenting from a eBook that I am writing called ‘Damnation From Leadership – Allows National Evil Leading Citizens to Sin.’ We are under judgement because the pulpits have not consistently raised up Christian leaders for every aspect of life in these United States. This includes the Family.

The facts remain that since the ‘unitarian / universalism,’ ‘dispensationalism’ and ‘social gospel’ and rise of humanism’s debacles of the late 1700’s through to the present, the pulpits have neglected that which was foundational in forming the nation.

Next week I will be a short walk through the fires of damnation from leaders with an introduction to a path of solution.

Now Hear the Words

Now hear the words of the Catholic Chaplain from Chapter 45 and in the best understanding from this Roman Catholic Chaplain, prostrate ourselves before the Sovereign of all creation:

‘We have nothing to apprehend but the anger of heaven, or that the measure of our guilt should exceed the measure of His mercy. Let us, then, prostrate ourselves at the feet of the immortal God, who holds the fate of empires in His hands, and raises them up at His pleasure, or breaks them to dust…’

‘…let us offer unto Him hearts imbued with sentiments of love, consecrated by religion, by humanity, and patriotism. Never is the august ministry of His altars more acceptable to His Divine Majesty than when it lays at His feet homages, offerings, and vows, so pure, so worthy of the common parent of mankind. God will not reject our joy, for He is the author of it, nor will He reject our prayers, for they ask but the full accomplishment of His decrees that He hath manifested.’

I highly recommend that you download the pdf of The Chaplains and Clergy from the website.

A Last Note

Another book that is a companion to this is: The New England Clergy and The American Revolution by Alice M. Baldwin

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