Episode 403: Damnation From Leadership – Allows National Evil Leading Citizens to Sin

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The Damnation from Leadership allows national evil leading Citizens to Sin began as the title for the June 10th Radio program. Yet with all that is being bulldozed in regard to national sin of cultural, religious, economic, property and security, which is propagatedDamnation from Leadership with coercion by political, business, educational and religious leaders. Specifically, this month of June, ‘pride idolatry’ and its co-demon of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is aggressively worshipped within virtually every national institutions already listed.

The coercion mandating the acceptance of human abnormality and immorality is designed to turn the hearts of the Citizenry from Foundational truth much like Jeroboam creating an idolatrous false religion. During the Reformation, Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos: A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants by Junius Brutus very clearly addresses national ‘sin’ caused by the leadership’s sining, which therefore causes national judgement.

The program for June 17th is a shot journey into the damnation from leaders in presidential politics, finance and economics as well as a comment on the recycled Hillary housing plan. This program is the simple opening to an eBook I’m writing delves more deeply into the parallels of all history to our present.

Biblically I take the issues in the forefront of the media back into the Old Testament. These same issues were dealt with then. I also take you into the Reformation perspective which was the spiritual, political and economic focal point for the American fight for Independence.

The development of egocentric idolatrous and administrative / deep state begins with the fall of ‘the morning star’ (Isaiah 14:12) and continues to the present intelligentsia and global elites ‘attempting to gain control over the world of man, nature and the supernatural.’1 The combination of these factors, which exclude and work toward the destruction of God’s will in humanity are summarized in these quick notes from ‘The Administrative State, A Study of the Political Theory of American Public Administration” (See References) – This is a really good read. I do elaborate more on this in the eBook.

For this newsletter we must keep it short and keep moving.

Damnation From Leadership – Pride

I appreciate an article that a friend in Seattle sent me. I is written by Trevor Thomas and opens with this:

‘In his seminal work Mere Christianity, the great Christian apologist C.S. Lewis describes “pride” as “the Great Sin,” “the essential vice,” “the utmost evil.” Lewis concludes,

Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere flea bites in comparison; it was through Pride that the devil became the devil; Pride leads to every other vice; it is the complete anti-God state of mind.’

In the scope of national moral decay, the citizenry will suffer the justice of the Eternal Sovereign which is proven throughout history and as noted by Lewis the demise of Lucifer. Consider this relating to the leaders over the last one-hundred and fifty years.

‘Here you see the sin of the rulers and people fully displayed in these two verses. (Hosea 5:10-11) The rulers exceed their authority, not being content with that authority which the almighty and all good God has given them, but seek to usurp that sovereignty which He has reserved to Himself over all men. And not being content with absolute power over the lives and property of their subjects, these tyrants seize for themselves the right to rule over their (the Citizens) consciences as well, over which the authority belongs to Jesus Christ alone. Holding the earth not great enough for their ambition, they want to climb and conquer heaven itself. The people, on the other hand, follow the commandments of men when they yield to these rulers who command that which is against the law of God. Thus, the people burn incense and adore these earthly gods and, instead of resisting them (if they are able), they instead permit them to usurp the place of God, apparently untroubled by their giving to Caesar that which belongs properly to God.

Everyone knows that if a man disobeys a prince who commands that which is wicked and unlawful, he shall immediately be accused of being a rebel, a traitor, and guilty of high treason.’ by Junius Brutus (get full document in References)

The leaders within every human entity, including religious leaders, in these United States are causing the people to destroy their foundational morality and for what gain? Elbridge Gerry writes in a1778 letter to James Warren (my emphasis added):

‘…perhaps you consider the Levity of the Times as an Argument for Quitting the Service, if so, I will readily acknowledge that the Vices of some and Follies of others are very displeasing; but in a Revolution like the present, necessarily producing an entire Change of the Governments and Constitutions of thirteen States, the Suspension of Law and Justice, the Want of necessary Arrangements for preventing Frauds, and the most favorable Oppertunities for Speculators and In- grossers, it must reasonably be expected that the Morals of the people will be greatly injured, and for a while, present a gloomy prospect, but I trust, there is yet Wisdom and Vertue enough in America to recover her Citizens from their Errors, and lead a brave and deserving People into paths conducive to their Happiness. true it is the Work is arduous, And it is equally true, that it is necessary; for should We exceed in Power and Wealth every Empire on Earth, and neglect the Morals of the People, is it not evident, that our Independance, instead of Freedom would produce a Slavery, far exceeding that of every other Nation? If the best and ablest Friends of America, who under providence have opposed the corrupt Arts, not less than the powerful Arms of G. Britain, will unite in checking the Career of Vanity, Vice and Folly, the Leaders of this feeble Train will vanish at the Appearance of Opposition, and leave the Way clear to the promotion of the opposite Virtues; but if on the other Hand, those on whom We have principally relied, should suffer themselves to be disgusted at the natural appearance of Bubbles on the mighty Ocean of our affairs, and withdraw from the Service, I fear that our Liberties, like such shortlived phaenomenons will burst, and leave not behind, a Trace of their former existence.’

I mention this quote from Gerry because over the last one-hundred and fifty plus years those of Christian virtues have not engaged as Christian men did during the Foundation of the nation and therefore we are at the brink of national slavery. Slavery to the elitist intelligentsia and globalist oligarchs. Even Adam Smith was a moralist. ‘Student notes from his lectures on jurisprudence (1762–1763, LJ) have also helped flesh out his thoughts on governance. A central thread running through his work is an unusually strong commitment to the soundness of the ordinary human being’s judgments, and a concern to fend off attempts, by philosophers and policy-makers, to replace those judgments with the supposedly better “systems” invented by intellectuals.’2 Remember that Smith was part of the Scottish Enlightenment and not a devout Christian let alone a temperate Christian by any understanding. In fact, ‘Some say he was an atheist, or at least a radical religious skeptic like his friend David Hume. Others think he believed in some sort of God but moved away from Christianity as he got older.’3

Now, Look back a moment and consider the last section of Gerry’s letter. The bubble is burst. Yet, Is there any ‘Wisdom and Vertue enough in America to recover her Citizens from their Errors, and lead a brave and deserving People into paths conducive to their Happiness?’ Or will the Christian church, business and political leaders continue to relinquish faithful leadership to the Sovereign of all Creation and sheepishly participate in leading the Citizenry into idolatry and sin.

Christian Leaders causing the Citizens to Sin

I am being bold is this heading. Let me ask you the question: If Christians are engaged in every level of government, every level of education, justice and business – then why is this immorality of ‘pride month’ predominating all those engagements?

Do Christian Leader fear reprisals? How about loss of employment? Do you fear hurting someones feelings while the whole of God’s sovereignty mandates you stand and fight evil at every turn?

I wonder, NO, I know that the majority of those who are denominationally Christian, have little to no knowledge and understanding of Covenant prescriptions that are timeless. For those who are allowing the evil of our times, especially against children, to overcome our God given mandate to exercise the Father’s full covenantal will on earth as in heaven, I say, remember the words of the Redeemer in that;

‘And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin[a] are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin. Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him,’ Luke 17:1-3

For all those who are policy makers in business, education, and all of government, be rebuked accordingly. Remember these examples of going along with and perpetuating immoral governance:

‘For he walked in all the way of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin, to provoke the LORD God of Israel to anger with their vanities.’ 1 Kings 16:26

‘And he shall give Israel up because of the sins of Jeroboam, who did sin, and who made Israel to sin.’ 1 Kings 14:16

‘And he did evil in the sight of the LORD, and walked in the way of Jeroboam, and in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin.’ 1 Kings15:34

Leaders, remember there is judgement by the Sovereign. I respect the way it is described in Vindiciae:

‘But I will drive them out themselves by Jeroboam, who is their servant. Furthermore, for so much as this servant, fearing that the ten tribes, for the cause of religion should return to Jerusalem, set up idols in Bethel, and made Israel to sin, withdrawing by this means the people far from God, what was the punishment of so ungrateful a vassal and wicked traitor towards his Lord? First, his son died, and, in the end, all his race, even unto the last of the males was taken from the face of the earth by the sword of Bassa, according to the judgment which was pronounced against him by the prophet, because he revolted from the obedience of the Lord God. This, then, is cause sufficient, and oftentimes also propounded, for that which God takes from the king his fiefdom, when he opposes the law of God, and withdraws himself from Him to follow His enemies, that is, idols, and as like crimes deserve like punishments, we read in the holy histories that kings of Israel and of Judah who have so far forgotten themselves, have in the end miserably perished.’

This is a really good read. I do elaborate more on this in the eBook.

For this newsletter we must keep it short and keep moving.

Damnation From Leadership – The Solution

The solution to the critical error of this damnation from leadership is the Same as the time of Josiah in 2 Kings 22. But how is that possible in our modern time?

For brevity and not to clutter this up with the content of the eBook, the simple answer is for individuals to repent, pastors to repent and all those who are leaders to repent. With that repentance, All must stand firm on Gospel truth and not cave to the evils of the time.

Sam Adams Wisdom


[MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.] PHILADELPHIA April 30 1776

‘Our grateful Acknowledgments are due to the Supreme Being who has not been regardless of the multiplied Oppressions which the Inhabitants of that City have suffered under the Hand of an execrable Tyrant. Their Magnanimity & Perseverance during the severe Conflict has afforded a great Example to the World, and will be recorded by the impartial Historian to their immortal Honor. They are now restored to their Habitations & Privileges; and as they are purged of those Wretches a Part of whose Policy has been to corrupt the Morals of the People, I am perswaded they will improve the happy opportunity of reestablishing ancient Principles and Purity of Manners—I mention this in the first place because I fully agree in Opinion with a very celebrated Author, that, “Freedom or Slavery will prevail in a (City or) Country according as the Disposition & Manners of the People render them fit for the one or the other”; and I have long been convinced that our Enemies have made it an Object, to eradicate from the Minds of the People in general a Sense of true Religion & Virtue, in hopes thereby the more easily to carry their Point of enslaving them. Indeed my Friend, this is a Subject so important in my Mind, that I know not how to leave it. Revelation assures us that “Righteousness exalteth a Nation”- -Communities are dealt with in this World by the wise and just Ruler of the Universe. He rewards or punishes them according to their general Character. The diminution of publick Virtue is usually attended with that of publick Happiness, and the publick Liberty will not long survive the total Extinction of Morals. “The Roman Empire, says the Historian, MUST have sunk, though the Goths had not invaded it. Why? Because the Roman Virtue was sunk.” Could I be assured that America would remain virtuous, I would venture to defy the utmost Efforts of Enemies to subjugate her. You will allow me to remind you, that the Morals of that City which has born so great a Share in the American Contest, depend much upon the Vigilance of the respectable Body of Magistrates of which you are a Member.’

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