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Today I am joined by Adam Retych who is a researcher in educational policy. He has been focused on SEL: Social and Emotional Learning. First of all, SEL is a critical topic that, once again, is leading the way for the ‘state’ or ‘statism’ to determine the uniformity of social and emotional norms for all. Adam and I discuss what this insidiousness called SEL is. While the definition and standards sound good, the discerning ear can cut to the chase of the destructive influence this system will have in the long run. Adam’s research is extensive in particular to Ohio yet this is certainly impacting over twenty of the States in the nation who have it fully implemented.

Contact me if you would to get more information via Adam. The key references regarding SEL are in the References section below.

Bribed With Your Own Money – Melancton Smith Continued:

Most note worthy is a quick comment from Melancton Smith’s comments on June 25th. He was one of the original Anti-federalists to argue that Congress in general and the Senate in particular would see corruption. Above all he spoke to history and other countries where to the Citizenry would accept the corruption because they were bribed with their own money. Talk about recognizing ‘Pay to Gain Votes’.

Final Thought:

My final thoughts for this program, which are still developing regarding solutions, begin once again with the fact that behavioral and moral modification is being imposed, from birth to death, by those incapable of presenting any norms of morality. Hence, Statism is not God :: therefore the state is incapable of guiding morality, behavior and social norms. Again I ask: Where is the church living the extensibility of the Gospel?

Certainly this issue of moral determination by the state is not anything new. As President of Princeton, a Pastor, a Signer of The Declaration of Independence and then a Congressman: John Witherspoon lectured on a Moral Society. Some of what he said are:

“The belief of a divine being is certainly either innate and necessary, or has been handed down from the first man, and can now be w ell supported by the clearest reason. And our relation to him not only lays the foundation of many moral sentiments and duties, but compleats the idea of morality and law, by subjecting us to him, and teaching us to conceive of him, not only as our Maker, preserver and benefactor, but as our righteous governor and supreme judge. As the being and perfections of God are irrefragably established, the obligation of duty must ultimately rest here.”

And regarding that duty:

“Political law is the authority of any society stampt upon moral duty.

The first thing to be considered, in order to see upon what principles society is formed, is the state immediately previous to the social state.”

I mention these quotes in relationship that the Pulpits has exited society, culture and politics to the extent that immorality and statism is filling the gap. In our Republic, morality will be legislated and forced into every aspect of life. The final question to you is: “Which and Whose Morality?”

And because you keep asking!


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