Episode 344: Source of Provision and Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited

Source of Provision and Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited  Source of Provision

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This week is a short followup from last week as I ask ‘What is the Source of Provision’ in our lives? In this time of economic upheaval, the echo chambers all look to the government to provide solutions. Really? The founding era had comparable and worse economic maladies but they had strong pulpit leaderships that looked to the true source of provision.

The majority of this program is a blast from the past. With this being Easter week I was looking for an easy way by doing a program rerun. Well, for technical reasons, I could not get a 2015 program to meet the sound quality I wanted therefore, this is a fresh program. Not only did I want to emphasize the ‘Source of Provision’ but also the historical prophetic writing of ‘Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited.’ Robert Yates, Brutus, argues against the Federal Constitution with this simple thought in mind:

‘But if, on the other hand, this form of government contains principles that will lead to the subversion of liberty — if it tends to establish a despotism, or, what is worse, a tyrannic aristocracy; then, if you adopt it, this only remaining assylum for liberty will be shut up, and posterity will execrate (feel or express great loathing for) your memory.’

Brutus No. 1 is revisited in this program and I do hope that we take note of the warnings such that we have courage to act so as to secure Liberty over economy by first understanding the Source of Provision in all things.

Program outline:

– First segment: History is our Present and Last week followup, Source of Provision

  • Review from old emails – nothing new under the sun.

  • Comments from recent readings from ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution.’

  • Why, in the last program, I gave emphasis to the verse in the Lords Prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.’ (Mat. 6:11) Take a look at the points that I will followup next week: Luke 11:3 Prov 30:8 and Isa 33:16

Second Segment: Continuation from Segment 1

  • Pages 54 to 61 Of the Anti-federalists Papers Special Edition. Anti-Federalist No. 1, Federalist Power Will Ultimately Subvert State Authority (Brutus essay No. I) 18 October 1787
    The “necessary and proper” clause has, from the beginning, been a thorn in the side of those seeking to reduce federal power, but its attack by Brutus served to call attention to it, leaving a paper trail of intent verifying its purpose was not to give Congress anything the Constitution “forgot,” but rather to show two additional tests for any legislation Congress should attempt: to wit—that the intended actions would be both necessary AND proper to executing powers given under clauses 1-17 of Article I Section 8. by Robert Yates, Brutus

Third segment: Continue with Brutus No. 1 andSam Adam on morality and Constitutional Rights of Conscience

  • Morality – Feb 1779 – Life & Public Service Vol III – Pg 90 -93 specific to the adoption of the Massachusetts Constitution: ‘ …and we feel ourselves peculiarly happy in being able to inform you that, though the debates were managed by persons of various denominations, it was finally agreed upon with much more unanimity than usually takes place in disquisitions of this nature. We wish you to consider the subject with candor and attention. Sorely it would be an affront to the people of Massachusetts Bay to labor to convince them that the honor and happiness of a people depend upon morality, and that the public worship of GOD has a tendency to inculcate the principles thereof, as well as to preserve a people from forsaking civilization, and falling into a state of savage barbarity.

“In the form now presented to you, there are no more departments of government than are absolutely necessary for the free and full exercise of the powers thereof…’

Sum it up….

For the most part, the Citizens during the founding era had a clear understanding of their source of provision. This understanding was kept deep in their very being because the majority of pulpits were not taken by modernism and preach Biblical Reformation truth. With that, the Anti-federalists such as Brutus had insights and understanding of the Biblical truth regarding the sins of mankind such as envy, power mongering and deception to the extent that Robert Yates predicted our present.

Sam Adams Wisdom


November 3, 1778.

[MS., Papers of The Continental Congress.]

It having pleased Almighty God through the Course of the present year, to bestow great & manifold Mercies on the People of these United States; And it being the indispensible Duty of all Men gratefully to acknowledge their obligations to Him for Benefits receivd.

Resolvd, That it be and hereby is recommended to the legislative or executive Authority of each of the said States, to appoint Wednesday the 30th day of December next to be observd as a Day of publick Thanksgiving and Praise. That all the People may with united Hearts on that Day express a just Sense of His unmerited Favors:—Particularly in that it hath pleased Him, by His over ruling Providence to support us in a just and necessary War for the Defence of our Rights and Liberties;—By affording us seasonable Supplys for our Armies—by disposing the Heart of a powerful Monarch to enter into Alliance with us and aid our Cause—by defeating the Councils and evil Designs of our Enemies, and giving us Victory over their Troops —and by the Continuance of that Union among these States, which by his Blessing, will be their future Strength & Glory.

And it is further recommended, that together with devout Thanksgivings may be joined a penitent Confession of our Sins, and humble Supplication for Pardon through the Merits of our Savior. So that under the Smiles of Heaven, our publick Councils may be directed—our Arms by Land and Sea prosperd—our Liberty and Independence secur’d—our Schools & Seminaries of Learning flourish—our Trade be revivd—our Husbandry and Manufactures increasd, and the Hearts of all impressd with undissembled Piety, with Benevolence, and Zeal for the publick Good.

And it is also recommended that Recreations unsuitable to the Purpose of such a Solemnity may be on that Day—


1. Embedded in the outline.

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