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12-3-16 America – Always a Populist Movement

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It has been a long time since I looked at the hard copy of “The Founders’ Constitution,” which is published by the University of Chicago. I didn’t want to read it online like I usually do but use put my fingers to paper. I pulled Volume 1 of 5 off the book shelve and began my usual read and underline. I was shocked in one way as I read through the core primary document list including Edmund Burke’s speech of 1775. I concluded that America was absolutely a land of Liberty based on a ‘Populist Movement.’

I won’t have the time to cover everything on today’s program but I am going to give you the links to the primary discussion point Burke’s speech, the original Massachusetts Constitution and the Founders’ Constitution itself.

For today, I begin the discussion that just as the period prior to the revolution and throughout our Republics life, the core of Liberty is based on the continuum of populism. BUT! And a big but it is… we have only the recessive gene of that original intent. The full measure of the DNA is rooted in what Burke said:

“First, the people of the colonies are descendants of Englishmen. England, Sir, is a nation, which still I hope respects, and formerly adored, her freedom. The colonists emigrated from you when this part of your character was most predominant; and they took this bias and direction the moment they parted from your hands. They are therefore not only devoted to liberty, but to liberty according to English ideas, and on English principles.”

And then most importantly and missing in it full influence today –

“If anything were wanting to this necessary operation of the form of government, religion would have given it a complete effect. Religion, always a principle of energy, in this new people is no way worn out or impaired; and their mode of professing it is also one main cause of this free spirit. The people are Protestants; and of that kind which is the most adverse to all implicit submission of mind and opinion. This is a persuasion not only favourable to liberty, but built upon it.”

The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life! Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

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