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6-6-20 Religion and Burning Cities

Religion and Burning Cities  Burning Cities

I am more than delighted to have my good friend and business partner George Brennan on the program. We are discussing Religion and Burning Cities in that G. K. Chesterton – C. S. Lewis kind of way. We will explain that in the 1st Segment of the program.

We will be approaching the Burning of the Cities in a manner that capitalizes on George’s work in ‘sustainability’ over the decades that I’ve worked with him. Let me tease you with the idea that ‘sustainability’ is better understood from the view of The Tree Hugging Capitalist.

Now, how is it that modern Religion and Burning Cities have any connection. To some extents these are two separate topics but they do have several points of intersection. This was true during the founding of the nation and is continuing to prove true when morality and virtue are at the low point. Continue reading

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