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Episode 414: The Good Life of Disastrous Utopianism – The Administrative State

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‘Their Good Society is strikingly like a World of Tomorrow futurama or Megapolis ’fifty-year plan in scale model… It is, of course, a mechanical civilization, for it is the machine that has enabled man to lift himself above his environment and to extend the blessings of civilization to all the members of society for the first time in history. It is quite obviously a “planned” society; such magnificent zoning, for example, would require great imagination in conception and thorough effort and strict obedience in execution. All we can tell about the form of government must follow from the obvious fact of the planning: it may be “democratic,” but the range of government control is unquestionably large and the machinery of administration extensive. It is very probably a “collectivist” society so far as its use of means is concerned.’ – The Heavenly City of the Twentieth – Century Public Administration – Page 66, The Administrative State, A Study of the Political Theory of American Public Administration.

In exercising the Good Life of Disastrous Utopianism, take into account the most recent real time planning by what we usually term as an obvious socialist / communistThe Good Life regime: one conservative headline reads, ‘California’s Democrat Legislators Vote to Ban Grass Lawns’ and the liberal headline reads thus, ‘California is moving to outlaw watering some grass that’s purely decorative.’ Now when one delves into the devil’s details, the application of these new regulations / law apply to ‘nonfunctional’ turf such as ‘grass that fills spaces along roads and sidewalks, in front of businesses, and around parking lots.’

But in fact, isn’t this really a prime example of the Administrative State in full bloom? Central planning, government controlled – to ensure the ‘futurama of the Good Society.

Breaking Report

These two articles came to my attention after I pre-recorded the program. The first is conclusive evidence of the Administrative / Bureaucratic State establishing its reign such that it cannot be undone without Congress having integrity to disassemble it. The second is how the illegal cartel managed invasion has established a ‘nation foothold’ on US soil.

1. Biden Administration Proposes Rule to Fortify Federal Bureaucracy Against Republican Presidency by Alexander Carter

2. Local TX developer accused of selling land to illegal immigrants creating entire town with ‘four cartels operating there’ by Sara Carter

Now The Rest of the Blog Post:The question to the sane and liberty minded is; how far is collectivism / utopianism causing not only California but other leftist states to descend into chaos because of the ‘fact of planning, indicates that what some people once regarded as their liberties have been curtailed; but that liberty has been given the substantive content – work, food, clothing, shelter, leisure, etc. – that others claimed for it.’ Page 66, ibid.

The Good Life Conundrum

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