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‘Their Good Society is strikingly like a World of Tomorrow futurama or Megapolis ’fifty-year plan in scale model… It is, of course, a mechanical civilization, for it is the machine that has enabled man to lift himself above his environment and to extend the blessings of civilization to all the members of society for the first time in history. It is quite obviously a “planned” society; such magnificent zoning, for example, would require great imagination in conception and thorough effort and strict obedience in execution. All we can tell about the form of government must follow from the obvious fact of the planning: it may be “democratic,” but the range of government control is unquestionably large and the machinery of administration extensive. It is very probably a “collectivist” society so far as its use of means is concerned.’ – The Heavenly City of the Twentieth – Century Public Administration – Page 66, The Administrative State, A Study of the Political Theory of American Public Administration.

In exercising the Good Life of Disastrous Utopianism, take into account the most recent real time planning by what we usually term as an obvious socialist / communistThe Good Life regime: one conservative headline reads, ‘California’s Democrat Legislators Vote to Ban Grass Lawns’ and the liberal headline reads thus, ‘California is moving to outlaw watering some grass that’s purely decorative.’ Now when one delves into the devil’s details, the application of these new regulations / law apply to ‘nonfunctional’ turf such as ‘grass that fills spaces along roads and sidewalks, in front of businesses, and around parking lots.’

But in fact, isn’t this really a prime example of the Administrative State in full bloom? Central planning, government controlled – to ensure the ‘futurama of the Good Society.

Breaking Report

These two articles came to my attention after I pre-recorded the program. The first is conclusive evidence of the Administrative / Bureaucratic State establishing its reign such that it cannot be undone without Congress having integrity to disassemble it. The second is how the illegal cartel managed invasion has established a ‘nation foothold’ on US soil.

1. Biden Administration Proposes Rule to Fortify Federal Bureaucracy Against Republican Presidency by Alexander Carter

2. Local TX developer accused of selling land to illegal immigrants creating entire town with ‘four cartels operating there’ by Sara Carter

Now The Rest of the Blog Post:The question to the sane and liberty minded is; how far is collectivism / utopianism causing not only California but other leftist states to descend into chaos because of the ‘fact of planning, indicates that what some people once regarded as their liberties have been curtailed; but that liberty has been given the substantive content – work, food, clothing, shelter, leisure, etc. – that others claimed for it.’ Page 66, ibid.

The Good Life Conundrum

The ideology of the administrative state is such, that its utopianism for the ‘Good Society’ naturally demands ‘clean streets and the general garden-like quality of the city with its spacious parks and fine civic buildings,’ is the polar opposite of what its acceptance of illegal aliens does in the cities.

Not only does the comment on the California article above discolor this utopianism but there is a clear violation parallel to Charges 11 and 12 the Declaration of Independence when ‘Biden: U.S. Must ‘Accelerate Climate Crisis,’ Announces New Climate Army. Oh, what are Charges 11 and 12 against King George? Find out here.

Parallels in History Predicted

As a good friend and I would say as we sat on his front porch, ‘Just to beat the dead horse over the hill,’ The Anti-Federalists Predicted The Administrative State.

Take a quick look at these sub-heading, which I discuss on the program, from the chapter on The Good Life.

  • The Mastery of Nature – ‘Government and administration, properly conceived and scientifically developed, will make man Master of his Soul…’

  • A ‘Planned’ Society – We are seeing how well that works.

  • The Extension of the ‘Public’ Interest – ‘Almost without exception they look favorably upon government, regard it as a desirable instrument for the accomplishment of individual and community purposes, profess indifference of express favor at proposals to extend the range of its operation or control.’

Our present State and Federal governments are rife with these key impacts on a functioning Republic and have established the parallel constitutional democracy ruled by oligarchs, academics and bureaucrats.

Good Life Utopianism Slipping

Just a quick short notes on how the old song echos ‘slip sliding away’ and that those who should take advantage of this don’t know how too nor are they capable of doing so. There are many in the ‘fly-over counties / states’ whose reasoning abilities exceed the need for ‘being taken care of.’ There is a fragment of these United States who have a sense of what ‘Liberty’ means. They want to hold on to it.

We are also seeing the curtains covering the ‘wizards of utopianism’ opening. Not by a dog as in the ‘Wizard of Oz,’ but like in our founding era the true words of ‘Liberty’ preached from the pulpits.

What is slipping? Consider this last quote from our reference book for this week as the global oligarch scramble to change their mantras in the efforts to keep the masses dazed and enslaved. And yes, it isn’t necessarily comunism:

‘Perhaps a word should be said on the consistency of this ‘New Deal’ attitude with the general acceptance of ‘business’ by public administration. It is very significant that administrative writers do not generally feel any inconsistency in holding both to the idea of an extended sphere of government influence and operation, and to the ideals of a business civilization. In this, no doubt, they are what the Marxists call ‘ bourgeois’; there is not a hint of doctrinaire socialism in all the literature of public administration. The leaders of the early research movement were business people. Far from thinking in terms of a conflict between government and business, they thought of their work as the extension of business to government. They thought, as most of their successors have thought, that the ‘tuning up’ of governmental machinery and its more vigorous operation will not be inconsistent with the maximum operation of all legitimate business enterprise. After all, it is only a step from this point of view to the opinion that ‘the purpose of the democratic state … necessitates the development of a great administrative machine. Thus, paradoxical as it may seem to the Jeffersonian Democrats, the liberal democratic state must be sustained by a huge bureaucracy.’

Not that this curtain is open, there is not ‘fairy queen’ to wave the wand for a return to Kansas. No, the fight must continue from the pulpits and as in the Founding era, spill into action by every hearer of truth becoming doers without compromise and fear.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Deferring to James Otis.

‘They have an undoubted right to expect, that their best good will ever be consulted by their rulers, supreme and subordinate, without any partial views confined to the particular interest of one island or another. Neither the riches of Jamaica, nor the luxury of a metropolis, should ever have weight enough to break the balance of truth and justice. Truth and faith belong to men as men, from men, and if they are disappointed in their just expectations of them in one society, they will at least wish for them in another. If the love of truth and justice, the only spring of sound policy in any state, is not strong enough to prevent certain causes from taking place, the arts of fraud and force will not prevent the most fatal effects.

In the long run, those who fall on arbitrary measures, will meet with their deserved fate. The law of nature, was not of man’s making, nor is it in his power to mend it, or alter its course. He can only perform and keep, or disobey and break it. The last is never done with impunity, even in this life, if it is any punishment for a man to feel himself depraved; to find himself degraded by his own folly and wickedness from the rank of a virtuous and good man, to that of a brute; or to be transformed from the friend, perhaps father of his country, to a devouring Lion or Tyger.’ – Political Writings of James Otis, page 142, part 3, chapter 1

The O’biden administration has made numerous statements that the ‘middle class’ live too well. James Otis had something to say in response:

‘…As to the revolution or wheel of fortune which his honor has described, luxury is a very vague & loose term, if by it is meant the importation of many foreign commodities, the more we have the better, if we can export enough to pay for them; poverty is so far from being the basis of industry and frugality that it is too often the occasion of vices directly opposite. Poverty can no more produce riches than it can furnish a man with the secret of the philosopher’s stone. I know it is the maxim of some, that the common people in this town and country live too well; however I am of a quite different opinion, I do not think they live half well enough. I should be glad to see here as in England, tradesmen and yeomen worth their tens and their hundreds of thousand pounds, for then and not till then we shall see gentlemen and merchants worth their hundreds and their millions. The tradesman and the husband- man would do well to consider that when they are for cramping trade, they are for killing a faithful servant, who is toiling day and night, and eating the bread of care for their good as well as his own; the merchant & other gentlemen would do well to reflect that the hand of the tradesman and husbandman are their employers, and that unless they multiply and increase in their commodities and riches, the merchant will never flourish: The merchant, manufacturer, and freeholder should consider themselves as the most immediate and natural brothers in the community, that God and nature have made their interest inseparable: and when they will agree conjointly to pursue it, no mortal hand can ever prevail against them.’ – Political Writings of James Otis, page 36, part 2, chapter 1

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