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Episode 440: Faithful to Foolishness – 18 USC Ch. 115

See the link for the video of ‘Faithful to Foolishness – 18 USC Ch. 115: TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES’ at Rumble or YouTube

We are five generations of the Faithful to Foolishness. Beginning with those born in 1928, know as the Silent Generation all the way to the Gen Z / iGen. We five generations are in deep want of wisdom and good judgment. We have fallen into absurdity and act in every form of folly known to mankind. (reference A Year-by-Year Guide to the Different Generations)

‘Harsh you say.’ I retort, Not at all. I will prove that we have fallen so far from Foundational teachings and the intent of liberty that we allow ‘lawfare’ to become a normality in politics, economics, culture and law itself.

In this spring time of 2024 we see that 18 USC Ch. 115: TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES are selectively administered within the progressive / leftist, politicized legal system, against those who are Christians, patriots and people of common sense reasoning. How do I tie the generational faithfulness to foolishness with federal law? How is the majority of this statute even necessary when foreign entities are gifted with citizenship but never renounce their ideologies?

My intent for this program was to show more of how our governments (local, state and federal,) businesses and churches are in violation of 18 USC Ch. 115 but as often happens, the wind changes and one must tack accordingly to navigate these shifting winds and the tides of our times. As you know, I will adlib in the program as I work through the content in this newsletter. So please listen to the program and use the newsletter as reference material.

Adjusting for the Wind

I am making this last minute insert into the beginning of this program. Take full account that just this Wednesday, the Folly of the House of Representatives: ‘House GOP Passes Controversial Bill Labeling Certain Christian Scriptures as ‘Antisemitic,’ Sparking Fears of Criminalizing Religious Beliefs.’ I call it folly based on the Wester 1828 dictionary definition as:

1. Weakness of intellect; imbecility of mind. Want of understanding.

 A fool layeth open his folly Proverbs 13:16.

2. A weak or absurd act not highly criminal; an act which is inconsistent with the dictates of reason, or with the ordinary rules of prudence. In this sense it may be used in the singular, but is generally in the plural. Hence we speak of the follies of youth.

3. An absurd act which is highly sinful; any conduct contrary to the laws of God or man; sin; scandalous crimes; that which violates moral precepts and dishonors the offender. Shechem wrought folly in Israel. Achan wrought folly in Israel. Genesis 34:7. Joshua 7:15.

4. Criminal weakness; depravity of mind.

This ‘Antisemitic Act’ is once again reactionary legislation with gross unintended consequences lurking with 1st Amendment assaults on Pastors and Christianity in general. Once again, Speaker Johnson is showing he lives for the god of government and not his Christian claims. The legislation does nothing to deal with the underlying subversion, sedition or even treason being foisted on We The People by business subversive collusion with politicians, the subversive collusion of leftist in the press, the subversive collusion of politicians and bureaucrats with foreign agents who hate our Constitutional Republic. But we know that the guilty can never see their crimes and nothing will be changed.

Consider what a key President Kennedy advisor wrote regarding the implementation of Fabian socialism in the U. S. Taken from None Dare Call It Treason, 1964:

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., a Harvard professor and ADA-founder, was Kennedy’s special assistant. In 1947, Schlesinger wrote:

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