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2-27-21 Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates – Part II

Lesser Magistrates 

The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates is like other many practical political theological principles that have been put in the closet of postmodernism (see references for definitions), especially in the pastoral mind. There are modern thought leaders in the pulpits that have clarity and identify the need for political action at every level within the context of Foundational truth. Yet, the great number of US Citizens have no idea of what the elected are supposed to do let alone act according to the principles of the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.

This program is Part II in discussing the Lesser Magistrates. I was honored to present Part I on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates at the Lake County Liberty Coalition meeting this past Wednesday. It was a fantastic group of people that want local and state governance to function according to core principles. During this time I presented the history and application of what this Doctrine is as well as how it can be applied in our present time. (see the references to get the presentation pdf.) Continue reading

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