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6-1-19 The Present Civil War – Interview with John Trudel

Cyber-Techno Civil War

Yes, we are in a Civil War! The Present Civil War is not friend and family picking up arms and dividing along some imaginary Mason-Dixon squiggle across the face of the United States. The Real Present Civil War is engaged via Cyber-techno Oligarchs who pit ideologies against each other intent on destroying our Constitutional Republic.

My returning guest – Scientist, Inventor, Author and Friend – John Trudel, will be discussing his insights into this topic and what is happening with his up and coming book. John is the Author of techno-thrillers that have a tendency to be predictive. We will discuss what this is.

What really brought my interest in having John back is the News Letter that he sent on May 22 titled: A dangerous new type of Civil War. A pdf of this will be on my archive page for this program at samueladamsreturns.net. John reprinted the “Civil War, by The Late Dr. Jack Minzey”, which we will elaborate on during the program. Continue reading

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