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Episode 430: Tom DeWeese Interview – ESG and Property Rights

See the link for the video of ‘Tom DeWeese Interview – ESG and Property Rights’ at Rumble or YouTube

I enjoyed my Tom DeWeese Interview as we covered the influence of ESG (environmental, sustainability and governance) as it relates to property rights, which include businesses.Property Rights

For those that do not know Tom, he has been in the fight since the 70’s regarding property rights and the attacks of environmentalism on those God given rights. He is the Founder of The American Policy Institute, which has the mission of protecting and defending the ideals of limited government intrusion in our lives, as envisioned by our nation’s founders.

Specifically from the website,

As Founding Father John Adams said, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” That is exactly what we are seeing happen across the United States as private property is being taken by unlawful use of eminent domain and other policies, in the name of climate change and environmental protection. APC’s mission is to protect private property from any policies that threaten its existence. As rancher and activist Wayne Hage said several years ago, “If you don’t have the right to own and control private property, then you are property.”

To highlight this even more, Sam Adams on January 20, 1772 wrote two-hundred and fifty-two (252) years ago, on the very date of this program broadcast: Continue reading

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Episode 422: Recalling Climate Change for Minions

See the link ‘Climate Change and Moral Legislative Governance.’ for the podcast audio and video

Recalling climate change for minions is actually from 2019 and titled ‘Climate Change and Moral Legislative Governance.’ In conjunction with the Hamas attacks in Israel, there is a call for ‘Global Intifada’ (see article #1) ,climate change minions that ‘FREE PALESTINE is a climate justice issue’ (see article #2) and ‘ Red and Green Virtue-Signaling — An American “Intifada”?’ (see article #4 below) that we are seeing played out in the streets of these United States.

The general definition of intifada is ‘uprising and or rebellion.’ We are seeing this rebellion all over the US. This is very much the strategy the Bolshevik’s used in the communist take over of Russia.

Worse, in our present day is the number of young people, 18 to 24 in particular, that are turning to Islam because they do not see anything in the US churches to believe in. This is a greater discussion but, the goddess Gia of environmentalism does not even fulfill their souls. This makes me wonder if Islam is not set on its god Allah but also Gia?

Read this great article for full exposure of the climate justice insanity: Climate Justice, Nonsense On Steroids

The cultural revolution is not just the ESG efforts of Black Rock (see reference #8) but the combined efforts of the climate change revolution and those of all anti-christian ideologies. Consider this article in the section below: ‘Palestine is a climate justice issue, The fight for climate justice for all is directly connected to the Palestinian struggle.’

To The Point

During this Thanksgiving weekend, the enemies of the true Church and the Republic are not asleep. Looking back to 2019 and recalling climate change for minions is keeping in line with Ecclesiastes 1:9…. Nothing new under the sun.

Hence getting to the point and especially for men: put on your big boy pants, get fully educated via the References, and engage with wisdom to the fullest of your capacity. It is our responsibility to take the hill and keep it.

Next Week: Taking the Hill

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