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7-4-20 Samuel Adams Returns

Samuel Adams Returns  Adams, Otis and Liberty

Samuel Adams Returns, The Anti-federalists Got It Right is the name of this program. It was brought to my attention that Sam Adams was never on the program.

Therefore, this week, Samuel Adams is the Guest Host of the program named after him. Sam will spend a couple of segments of this program to take us through his speech about the Declaration of Independence.

Letter of Instruction 1764

Constituents would select a key member of the community to develop and write a ‘Letter of Instruction’ to those elected to the General Assembly. In 1764, Samuel Adams was the designated citizen to develop and write ‘INSTRUCTIONS OF HE TOWN OF BOSTON TO ITS REPRESENTATIVES IN THE GENERAL COURT. MAY, 1764.’

For this weeks program, Sam is not only summarizing the purpose of these instructions but read to us the key elements that are relevant to our present time and situation.

Samuel Adams August 1, 1774 Speech

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5-9-15 Program: Property To Liberty and the Magistrates Responsibility

The resounding theme of Liberty has always had at its base the roots called property.  Property is extensible.  It is not just the house or land that you may own with the bank but more so is the exchange of money or barter for your labor and most importantly is your intellectual property.

Well the historical writers from ancient times, through the Reformation, Locke and then the Founders of this nation absolutely viewed the protection of Property the responsibility of Magistrates.

This program takes us through that accountability message.  I discuss how there is No Liberty with out the protection of Property and that even the city and county council members are responsible and accountable to God for the protection of an individuals property.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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