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3-30-19 Christian America Lost and Sam Adams Character

Introduction:  American Christian Lost

On this program I look at several key pointers that we have a great issue of more than 40 years in the making: Christian America Lost. And discuss Sam Adams Character with several surprising parallels to President Trump.

Christian America Lost:

This is clearly brought out by Franklin Graham in a talk he gave at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. I searched hard to validate the references for this and below is the best of many connections to the quote. Fundamentally, Franklin puts the ownership of the cultural/political travesty of the nation on the church and pulpits.

Interestingly, Mike Huckabee interviews David Horowitz on this topic. David confirms that all that is good in America and its Foundation are from Americas Christian formulation and that the enemy is in full attack. With that, Christians must take to the battle and not lie on the sidewalk to be trampled. Continue reading

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10-29-16 Sam Adams, Teddy R and Trump Standing for We The People

The Radio Show promotion description:

Keeping it simple – The parallel of history show in ways that amazed me as I researched for this program that Sam Adams and yes, Theodore Roosevelt can be recognized on our American setting and that Donald Trump is standing shoulder to shoulder with them. The issues are common although the names change.

I challenge you, as your Action Item for this week, to read the attached 1772 Modernized Rights of the Colonist and the article on the ATT merger with an interview of Theodore Roosevelt.

The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical.

Modernized 1772 Rights of the Colonists

Full Promo with References

All Three radio Segments into one podcast feeds.

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