3-30-19 Christian America Lost and Sam Adams Character

Introduction:  American Christian Lost

On this program I look at several key pointers that we have a great issue of more than 40 years in the making: Christian America Lost. And discuss Sam Adams Character with several surprising parallels to President Trump.

Christian America Lost:

This is clearly brought out by Franklin Graham in a talk he gave at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. I searched hard to validate the references for this and below is the best of many connections to the quote. Fundamentally, Franklin puts the ownership of the cultural/political travesty of the nation on the church and pulpits.

Interestingly, Mike Huckabee interviews David Horowitz on this topic. David confirms that all that is good in America and its Foundation are from Americas Christian formulation and that the enemy is in full attack. With that, Christians must take to the battle and not lie on the sidewalk to be trampled.

I will always say that the majority of pastors not taking the Foundational stand like those ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’ either don’t know history or their eschatology is way off. Most often it is both!

Samuel Adams Character:

I have to continue in Dr. Fallow’s introduction of his work on Sam Adams. I will not have enough time to fully develop this but I can say clearly that, and you can quote me, – President Donald Trump exhibits many of the “Principled Characteristics” of Sam Adam!

Other than Sam’s Puritan Faith Characteristics – Here’s a tease:

  • “He not only created a storm such as had never before been seen in the realm of George the Third, but he triumphantly rode it.”
  • “He did not use it narrowly, but for the good of a continent and the world.”
  • “He did not use it ignorantly, but with a wisdom never before surpassed.”
  • “He did not use it selfishly, for no patriot was more disinterested in the services he rendered his country.”

There are quite a few more but I’ll leave the hard hitting ones for you to hear or watch on the program.

Our action Item

is to understand that we all have to engage in a rational and direct manner to ensure that righteousness prevails. But, in speaking to Christians, if your theology and eschatology is that of non-engagement, then go sit on the roof-top looking up. You missed the boat sent. Yup, even the Cajon Navy shouting at you to act accordingly. Lastly for an action item: READ the introductions of Reference #4 and ‘The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’. If you can’t do that then….. Well, enjoy the roof-top.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Franklin Graham at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida: The link is one of the best sources for the quote.

2. David Horowitz with Mike Huckabee: The Dark Agenda to Destroy Christian America

3. Great Americans of History Series: Samuel Adams

4. The Appeal of Idolatry By David Wells

5. Lectures Illustrating the Contrast Between True Christianity and Various Other Systems, 1837 – William B. Sprague D. D.

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