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Episode 349: Remaking These United States by Transgenics

Remaking These United States by Transgenics

Remaking these United States

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I am a curmudgeon this week discussing the remaking These United States echos the ignorance of the majority of Citizens and Christians in particular. I am again reminded that not only did Jan Kozak write about the mechanisms of taking over Czechoslovakia ‘without a shot fired’ but that A. I. Sobolev gave a detailed construct for ‘Some Forms of Transition from Capitalism to Socialism’ in his 1956 lecture. This is nothing like the efforts of Sam Adams and the other Founders of These United States to build a State and nation for the preservation of Liberty. The former communist actors mentioned detailed the means of laying waste to not just political, religious and economic liberty but to the real and true liberty of human thought.

This has been and continues to be the a battle between Heaven and hell. How do we follow the thoughts of God as his created people through ‘Christ’ or continue in the destructive thoughts of the father of lies, that serpent, Satan. ‘For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.’ Genesis 3:5 As it would be, the knowledge received by Adam and Eve overwhelmingly degenerated into the thought of evil and doing evil, with a hint of God’s Grace in common sense and common grace.

I know that most readers of my newsletter and listeners of the program understand most of this. But what about your pastor and church leadership? Do they really get it? Most of them are the Three Monkey’s of modern liberalized theology… Deaf, Blind and Dumb to living the Gospel in every aspect of life. Don’t you think it is time to rally them to the full Sovereignty of God?

With that, I Return to Chesterton’s Orthodoxy for a moment as he writes on the ‘Suicide of Thought’:

‘There is a thought that stops all thought, and that is the only thought that ought to be stopped. That is the ultimate evil against which all religious authority was aimed. It only appears at the end of decadent ages like our own: …’

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