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Episode 410: RICO Is The Tool For Tyranny

RICO Is The Tool For Tyranny

– The Kozak Plan – Stormer, Brutus and Richard Henry Lee Predicted This –

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Yes, it was predicted and proven that the likes of RICO Is The Tool For Tyranny. Judicial tyranny was predicted by the Antifederalist Brutus. The proof of RICO being the tool it has become in the Trump case was written about by John Stormer. Stormer identified RICO as one of the primary tools, then and into the future, for use in These United States to implement The Kozak Plan.

On this program I take you through the history of it all.

A Quick Shock Look

Go to the references and consider the analysis of the Georgia RICO Statute. Interesting that it went into effect on July 1, 2015. How long was Trump talking about running for president? When did he come down the golden escalator? When did Georgia begin the legislative intent to change its 1933 law on racketeering?

Be not shocked that both the federal and Georgia RICO statues allow for the freezing and or seizures of property for forfeiture until the case is resolved.

In a partial answer to the question above, read the intent of the Georgia State Legislature from 2013 here. Now, do the Trump and his co-defendants fall into ‘apply to an interrelated pattern of criminal activity motivated by or the effect of which is pecuniary gain or economic or physical threat or injury?’

The rest of the Grand Jury summations is totally loosey-goosey as one takes a remedial look at the full statute, see reference #2.

For a Georgia Trial Attorney analysis see Reference #3 below.

Stormer Nails it

In ‘None Dare Call It Treason …25 Years Later,’ John Stormer lays out the use of RICO as the mechanism in the Kozak Plan called ‘Pressure From Above.’ Starting on page 506, Stormer lays out the strategy of ‘Intimidate The Opposition.’

Here is a partial quote regarding RICO usage:

‘The awesome powers given to governmental agencies in the last 50 years are used as pressure from above to intimidate and stifle opposition to the on-going pressures for a communist revolution. A weapon Congress enacted to fight drug trafficking which is being applied increasingly in other areas has such potential. Under the 1970 Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) someone simply charged with a violation can have all their assets frozen until the issues are resolved by the courts which can take years.’

‘…Such laws were enacted to combat admittedly very serious problems. The have given the government awesome power to tie up the assets of those charged with but not yet convicted of violations. That power could be used at some future date to freeze the assets of those opposing measures leading to a socialist takeover. Not too many small businessmen, political figures, etc. would have to become targets of such action before others would think twice before speaking out. The WXUR case, the potential for using IRS audits, OHSA and EPA harassment and the Anti-Racketeering procedures all fit the Czech blueprint.’ (The Kozak Plan)

See the example of RICO being used by leftist back in 1986 on page 510 in the section on ‘Courtroom Terrorism.’

Last Note: Defying Tyrants:

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Episode 404: Nothingness: Elections, Representation and No Ownership

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In this moment in history, Is there Nothingness In Elections, Representation and No Ownership? I was listening to the review of one predominant pastor of another regarding God’s Kingdom and ChristianNothingness ‘influence’ and ‘law making’ in civil activities. I don’t want to get into the weeds of this because I see that this political theological concern was finalized during the Reformation and with how the majority of America’s Founders implemented Christian principles into government.

In my most humble studied perspective on historical Christianity, even many of the predominant Christian pastors miss the American Founders implementation and codification of Biblical Christianity. By not fully reflecting on these two primary sources, Christians have allowed the codification of evil since they are prone to evil as leaders. See how Brutus IV finishes with the author using a Biblical quote for direct application.

Nothingness In Elections

Nothingness in elections is the voter fraud that is prevalent across these United States. Brutus IV is primarily about Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 – Elections. Brutus IV also contends with the lack of representation by insufficient members to the Congress. If you want to understand the Foundational concerns of voter fraud, then you need, you must read and comprehend Brutus IV. I make no apologies for my editing of the article with boldness, italics, underlining and text coloration.

Now, regarding elections, take the example of Georgia with known corruption of the voting machines (see the This Weeks News Articles.) The writer of Brutus was predictive but the concern of Congress interfering in elections by legislation is half correct. The other half is that they do nothing to have safe and properly conducted elections while the States elections systems are perverted through Congressional directions of bureaucrats and other Constitutional powers, such as immigration.

Nothingness In Representation

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