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Episode 404: Nothingness: Elections, Representation and No Ownership

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In this moment in history, Is there Nothingness In Elections, Representation and No Ownership? I was listening to the review of one predominant pastor of another regarding God’s Kingdom and ChristianNothingness ‘influence’ and ‘law making’ in civil activities. I don’t want to get into the weeds of this because I see that this political theological concern was finalized during the Reformation and with how the majority of America’s Founders implemented Christian principles into government.

In my most humble studied perspective on historical Christianity, even many of the predominant Christian pastors miss the American Founders implementation and codification of Biblical Christianity. By not fully reflecting on these two primary sources, Christians have allowed the codification of evil since they are prone to evil as leaders. See how Brutus IV finishes with the author using a Biblical quote for direct application.

Nothingness In Elections

Nothingness in elections is the voter fraud that is prevalent across these United States. Brutus IV is primarily about Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 – Elections. Brutus IV also contends with the lack of representation by insufficient members to the Congress. If you want to understand the Foundational concerns of voter fraud, then you need, you must read and comprehend Brutus IV. I make no apologies for my editing of the article with boldness, italics, underlining and text coloration.

Now, regarding elections, take the example of Georgia with known corruption of the voting machines (see the This Weeks News Articles.) The writer of Brutus was predictive but the concern of Congress interfering in elections by legislation is half correct. The other half is that they do nothing to have safe and properly conducted elections while the States elections systems are perverted through Congressional directions of bureaucrats and other Constitutional powers, such as immigration.

Nothingness In Representation

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