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Episode 370: Economics: Quantitative Reset or Biblical Calvinism Again?

Video Of ‘Quantitative Reset or Biblical Calvinism Again?’ available at Rumble or Youtube.

This second week on Economics, I address the question of ‘Quantitative Reset or Biblical Calvinism Again?’ – as the means within Christian Nationalism. I will take youQuantitative Reset through the background of the Rise of Scottish Capitalism via Calvinism. (see the References for the link to the paper by Karen Brown.) I will delve into ‘The Introduction to Christian Economics’ toward the end of the second segment and into the third.

Let me put it to you simply, there is nothing new here scientifically or philosophically, but due to scrambled egg theology since the mid-1800’s, Christians have left dealing with society and economy to the pseudo-christian and non-believers. Hence I want to rattle cages and add to the awakening of Foundational solutions.

But before that, I want to respond to a question about using the term ‘Christian Nationalism.’ Here is the video I mention in the program that should either clarify the meaning and intent of Christian Nationalism or it will further muddle the puddle – Christian Nationalism and Other Things That Skeerded Us Real Bad. (See the References for another well done video on the topic.) With these references regarding the question, let me be very clear, I began my studies and came to my conclusions on Christian Nationalism and Biblical economics several decades before the video references here, but I will always defer to those that are authoritative in their solid Christian living of a topic and can articulate the topic well.

Therefore, As we know and have seen in our recent history, the meaning of words change either by popular use or purposefully for agenda driven reasons. To this point, I ask you to go to the Definitions at the end of the Newsletter where I give you the Websters 1828 definitions of quantitative and reset. Just an interesting note, reset in 1828 means ‘In Scots law, the receiving and harboring of an outlaw or a criminal.’ Think about that when you hear or read about the ‘Great Reset.’

Now lastly, I reintroduce the culprits Cloward and Piven, planners of the Quantitative Reset, i.e. systematic crashing the US economy. Continue reading

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