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1-7-17 Oligarchy, Hegelian Dialectic and Recent Events

With the 115th congress now in session the need for the Citizenry to be engaged is as critical as ever. If you were a Trump supporter, don’t think things are rosy. Those that weren’t Trump supporters already think that but not for the same reason I’m talking about.

Congress is still a menace to our Liberties! Yes, the Anti-federalists predicted it and we have seen it in action for the last 100 years. Today I talk about the Oligarchy in the Senate, that relationship to an aristocratic president like obama and the idea that Pew research put out that nine out of ten members of Congress call themselves ‘Christian’ – Really?

Once again, I have no shyness in identifying the sweet name of ‘left or leftists’ for what they are and how the Hegelian Dialectic is clearly active in recent events.

It is clear that those in Congress, especially Republicans fall into this perspective that – “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists.” I encourage you to get your copy. The links are in the references for the paperback or eBook. Continue reading

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