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Episode 428: Why Are You Surprised And Angry?

See the link for the video of ‘Why Are You Surprised And Angry’ at Rumble or YouTube

It is time to ask the hard question as we go, break neck, into the new year: Why are you surprised and angry?

Surprised and AngryI know, for the last fifty years, most of you were able to see this year approaching like a fully loaded coal locomotive bellowing smoke and steam, heading right at you…. NOT.

Most Citizens didn’t see the track being laid even though they were the minions hammering the nails into the ties. These subtle Hydra’s of destruction, so well made up with rosy blush, large fake eye lashes, blue and purple eye shadow and that deep red lipstick; have the mesmerizing hallucinogens of pride, envy, deceit and blissful ignorance in each ‘serpent’ lock of hair. Yes, here in these United States we have many hydras: in the churches, in local governments, in the various states governments, all bureaucracies and fully infested at all levels of the Federal government.

To defeat these hydras, you would be expecting as many Hercules to burst into the Lernean swamps of the afore mentioned locations. It is not to be so, there is no mythical hero that could win the day over these real monsters of governance. Too many, including so called conservatives and Christian conservatives, have been living in the realm of myth, science fiction and fantasy. When the predicted facts are revealed, then reality proves to have been shining bright regardless of the swamp fog bellowing over the minds of those who take the easy way and end as the Dead Men of Dunharrow.

Conclusion First:

In our 2024 living history, it is difficult in the era of digital gaggles to find a flock to form up with. It seems that there are at least sexdecillian (1051) internet sources for you to garner your needed decision making information from. Yet here you are. Taking into account that large number of recourses, I decided that to address ‘Why Are You Surprised And Angry,’ I will take this program to reference a number of my favorites. I hope to quell your anger and give you several of my more favorable gaggles to fly with.

With all that has been predicted since the writings of the Anti-federalists, Why are you surprised and angry at our present time and situations?

This program is not just a review of 2023 through the views of most noble pundit protagonists of the day. But I will incite you with a number of other notable reviews. Yet more so, I will cause you to shudder at the predictions of the past, the 18th Century past, for the most part.

My predictive conclusion for 2024 is very simple.

Buckle up, gear up and saddle up since the enemies of the Republic are more deeply embedded and fortified than the Hamas tunnels. The nation is being invaded by criminal bad actors, that being every human that crosses the boarders, and the depth of these invaders treachery is unmanageable by incompetence, actually more like purposeful intent of harm, from those (laughably) adults in charge.

Our elections are afoul with their own Hydras, slithering from state to state, spewing the lubricants of fraud and deception. Every intention by these foul creatures is to breath their poisonous craftiness through all forms of communications, slaying those who would give proper suffrage for true liberty.

Now the most treacherous, is that the majority of the churches, including many of the conservative evangelical, are not just mired in the swamp, they are waist deep in the goo. The stench of their hydra of weak and false theologies is a sweet smell to their faculties and their deception.

Education outside of homeschooling or some charter schools will continue to intensify their indoctrination of minions.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, the bio labs are ready with solutions to pollution, more blue towels with strings and Bill’s wonder wafer. To all this add the total annihilation personal liberty through the freedom to choose the basics of our society: cloths, cars, method of cooking, means of heating and what to eat. You’ve seen all the articles.

And don’t for get the Anti-federalist predicted ‘lawfare.’ This violation of true justice will convulse as the ‘Horn-of-Plenty’ looks so juicy to the glutinous globalists.

Is there an upside in my predictions? Of course. I am a Postmillennialist.

History, the human story since creation, is littered with exactly what was occurring in 2023 and will continue in 2024 until we see the falling on knees and faces with individual and national repentance. Until then… Well ,judgement does have its place in bringing about a plan greater than that of the ‘world economic forum’ and the other agents of their own lust, envy, greed and perversions.

Therefore, I am not going to come up with anything new and revealing here. I am going to give you pronouncements of others, some from the past and some present that will be across the spectrum of surprise, anger and hopeful insights into 2024. To get you started, I recommend ‘11 Resolutions for 2024, Culture War Edition.’ Yupper it is from Blog & Mablog. Get used to the truth hitting you between the eyes… helps you get focussed.

Why Are You Surprised And Angry When It Has Been Said?

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