Episode 428: Why Are You Surprised And Angry?

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It is time to ask the hard question as we go, break neck, into the new year: Why are you surprised and angry?

Surprised and AngryI know, for the last fifty years, most of you were able to see this year approaching like a fully loaded coal locomotive bellowing smoke and steam, heading right at you…. NOT.

Most Citizens didn’t see the track being laid even though they were the minions hammering the nails into the ties. These subtle Hydra’s of destruction, so well made up with rosy blush, large fake eye lashes, blue and purple eye shadow and that deep red lipstick; have the mesmerizing hallucinogens of pride, envy, deceit and blissful ignorance in each ‘serpent’ lock of hair. Yes, here in these United States we have many hydras: in the churches, in local governments, in the various states governments, all bureaucracies and fully infested at all levels of the Federal government.

To defeat these hydras, you would be expecting as many Hercules to burst into the Lernean swamps of the afore mentioned locations. It is not to be so, there is no mythical hero that could win the day over these real monsters of governance. Too many, including so called conservatives and Christian conservatives, have been living in the realm of myth, science fiction and fantasy. When the predicted facts are revealed, then reality proves to have been shining bright regardless of the swamp fog bellowing over the minds of those who take the easy way and end as the Dead Men of Dunharrow.

Conclusion First:

In our 2024 living history, it is difficult in the era of digital gaggles to find a flock to form up with. It seems that there are at least sexdecillian (1051) internet sources for you to garner your needed decision making information from. Yet here you are. Taking into account that large number of recourses, I decided that to address ‘Why Are You Surprised And Angry,’ I will take this program to reference a number of my favorites. I hope to quell your anger and give you several of my more favorable gaggles to fly with.

With all that has been predicted since the writings of the Anti-federalists, Why are you surprised and angry at our present time and situations?

This program is not just a review of 2023 through the views of most noble pundit protagonists of the day. But I will incite you with a number of other notable reviews. Yet more so, I will cause you to shudder at the predictions of the past, the 18th Century past, for the most part.

My predictive conclusion for 2024 is very simple.

Buckle up, gear up and saddle up since the enemies of the Republic are more deeply embedded and fortified than the Hamas tunnels. The nation is being invaded by criminal bad actors, that being every human that crosses the boarders, and the depth of these invaders treachery is unmanageable by incompetence, actually more like purposeful intent of harm, from those (laughably) adults in charge.

Our elections are afoul with their own Hydras, slithering from state to state, spewing the lubricants of fraud and deception. Every intention by these foul creatures is to breath their poisonous craftiness through all forms of communications, slaying those who would give proper suffrage for true liberty.

Now the most treacherous, is that the majority of the churches, including many of the conservative evangelical, are not just mired in the swamp, they are waist deep in the goo. The stench of their hydra of weak and false theologies is a sweet smell to their faculties and their deception.

Education outside of homeschooling or some charter schools will continue to intensify their indoctrination of minions.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, the bio labs are ready with solutions to pollution, more blue towels with strings and Bill’s wonder wafer. To all this add the total annihilation personal liberty through the freedom to choose the basics of our society: cloths, cars, method of cooking, means of heating and what to eat. You’ve seen all the articles.

And don’t for get the Anti-federalist predicted ‘lawfare.’ This violation of true justice will convulse as the ‘Horn-of-Plenty’ looks so juicy to the glutinous globalists.

Is there an upside in my predictions? Of course. I am a Postmillennialist.

History, the human story since creation, is littered with exactly what was occurring in 2023 and will continue in 2024 until we see the falling on knees and faces with individual and national repentance. Until then… Well ,judgement does have its place in bringing about a plan greater than that of the ‘world economic forum’ and the other agents of their own lust, envy, greed and perversions.

Therefore, I am not going to come up with anything new and revealing here. I am going to give you pronouncements of others, some from the past and some present that will be across the spectrum of surprise, anger and hopeful insights into 2024. To get you started, I recommend ‘11 Resolutions for 2024, Culture War Edition.’ Yupper it is from Blog & Mablog. Get used to the truth hitting you between the eyes… helps you get focussed.

Why Are You Surprised And Angry When It Has Been Said?

If you choose not to be ‘blissfully ignorant,’ then Foundational history, and the modern media reek with predictions for 2024. We are in the situation that we have allowed to fester and now the pus of the neglected carbuncles is spreading contagious stench everywhere.

First, I want to introduce you to the points that pronounce the destruction of a Nation / Society. The video that I found is ‘Is Society About to Collapse? Francis Schaeffer and Jonathan Edwards on Civil Disorder’ by Matthew Everhard and their key points.

By the way, to put this together, I used my many personal resources but in some instances I did use the Brave Browser AI ‘Leo.’ My first time using AI anything.

Jonathan Edwards:

Here are four points that could be gleaned from his writings:

1. The importance of religious devotion: Edwards believed that a society’s collapse could be attributed to a lack of religious devotion and a failure to adhere to biblical principles. He emphasized the need for individuals to prioritize their relationship with God and to live according to His commandments.

2. The dangers of pride and self-sufficiency: Edwards often preached against the dangers of pride and self-sufficiency, arguing that these traits could lead to a society’s downfall. He believed that a truly humble and dependent society, one that recognizes its need for God’s guidance and provision, is more likely to prosper and flourish.

3. The need for moral integrity: Edwards stressed the importance of moral integrity in maintaining a healthy and just society. He believed that individuals and institutions must uphold high ethical standards and avoid corruption, greed, and other forms of moral decay.

4. The potential for divine judgment: Edwards often spoke of the possibility of divine judgment and the need for societies to repent and turn back to God before it is too late. He believed that a society that rejects God’s grace and mercy is likely to experience His wrath and judgment.

Francis Schaeffer:

Francis Schaeffer, a Christian theologian and philosopher, identified five reasons why a nation might fall. These reasons include:

1. Moral decay and the loss of a shared sense of right and wrong. When a society loses its moral compass and no longer agrees on basic principles of right and wrong, it can lead to social and political instability.

2. The rise of a tyrannical government that seeks to suppress individual freedoms and impose its own ideology. When a government becomes too powerful and seeks to control every aspect of society, it can lead to oppression and the erosion of individual rights.

3. Economic decay and the failure of free enterprise. When an economy is not managed properly, it can lead to economic instability, inflation, and widespread poverty.

4. Military weakness and the inability to defend the nation. When a nation’s military is weak or ineffective, it can make the country vulnerable to external threats and attacks.

5. The loss of a sense of spiritual hope and purpose. When a society loses its sense of spiritual hope and purpose, it can lead to a sense of hopelessness and despair, which can contribute to social and political unrest.

It’s important to note that these reasons are not mutually exclusive, and the fall of a nation is often the result of a combination of factors. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Schaeffer’s ideas are not limited to political or economic systems, but also apply to individuals and their personal lives.

Anti-federalists Key Issues:

General taxation:

Anti-Federalist No. 8, The Power Vested in Congress of Sending Troops for Suppressing Insurrections Will Always Enable Them to Stifle the First Struggles of Freedom, 5 March 1788, by A Federal Republican

‘…congress, by this new government, will be invested with the formidable powers of raising armies, and lending money, totally independent of the different states. They will moreover, have the power of leading troops among you in order to suppress those struggles which may sometimes happen among a free people, and which tyranny will impiously brand with the name of sedition. On one day the state collector will call on you for your proportion of those taxes which have been laid on you by the general assembly, where you are fully and adequately represented; on the next will come the Continental collector to demand from you those taxes which shall be levied by the continental congress, where the whole state of Virginia will be represented by only ten men! Thus shall we imprudently confer on so small a number the very important power of taking our money out of our pockets, and of levying taxes without control—a right which the wisdom of our state constitution will, in vain, have confided to the most numerous branch of the legislature. Should the sheriff or state collector in any manner aggrieve you either in person or property, these sacred rights are amply secured by the most solemn compact. Beside, the arm of government is always at hand to shield you from his injustice and oppression. But if a Continental collector, in the execution of his office, should invade your freedom (according to this new government, which has expressly declared itself paramount to all state laws and constitutions) the state of which you are a citizen will have no authority to afford you relief.

National Debt:

Anti-Federalist No. 12, How Will the New Government Raise Money? A reply to James Wilson concerning funding the federal government. This appeared in the November 29 and December 6, 1787, New-York Journal, as reprinted from a Philadelphia newspaper. by Cincinnatus

‘It will be expected that the new government will provide for this also; and such expectation is founded, not only on the promise you hold forth, of its reviving and supporting public credit among us, but also on this unavoidable principle of justice—that is, the new government takes away the impost, and other substantial taxes, from the produce of which the several states paid the interest of their debt, or funded the paper with which they paid it. The new government must find ways and means of supplying that deficiency, . . . in hard money, for … paper … cannot [be used] without a violation of the principles it boasts. The sum then which it must annually raise in specie, after the first year, cannot be less than 4,800,000. At present there is not one half of this sum in specie raised in all the states. And yet the complaints of intolerable taxes has produced one rebellion and will be mainly operative in the adoption of your constitution. How you will get this sum is inconceivable and yet get it you must, or lose all credit. With magnificent promises you have bought golden opinions of all sorts of people, and with gold you must answer them, …

…The present government promises nothing; the intended government, everything. From the present government little is expected; from the intended one, much. Because it is conceived that to the latter much is given; to the former, little. And yet the inability of the people to pay what is required in specie, remaining the same, the funds of the one will not much exceed those of the other. The public creditors are easy with the present government from a conviction of its inability [to pay]. They will be urgent with the new one from an opinion, that as is promised, so it can and will perform every thing. Whether the change will be for our prosperity and honor, is yet to be tried. Perhaps it will be found, that the supposed want of power in Congress to levy taxes is, at present a veil happily thrown over the inability of the people; and that the large powers given to the new government will, to every one, expose the nakedness of our land. Certain it is, that if the expectations which are grafted on the gift of those plenary powers, are not answered, our credit will be irretrievably ruined.’

No clarity on the debt or from the managers of it:

The Expense of the New Government, An unsigned essay from The Connecticut Journal, October 17, 1787.

Now I submit it to the good sense of the people of these states, whether it is prudent we should make so liberal and extensive a grant of power and property to any body of men in these United States, before they have ever informed the public, the amount of the public debt, or what the annual expenses of the federal government is, or will be. It is now almost five years since the peace. Congress has employed thirteen commissioners, at 1500 dollars per annum, as I am informed, to settle the public accounts, and we know now no more what the national debt is, than at the first moment of their appointment. Nor do we know any more what is the amount of the annual expenses of the federal government, than we do of the empire of China. To grant therefore such an ample power of taxation, and the right of soil, to the amount of millions, upon the recommendation of this honorable Convention, without either knowing the amount of the national debt, or the annual expenses of government, would not argue, in my opinion, the highest degree of prudence.’

A predictive Splash on every present Issue:

Anti-Federalist No. 15, Rhode Island is Right! This essay appeared in The Massachusetts Gazette, December 7, 1787, as reprinted From The Freeman’s Journal; (Or, The North-American Intelligencer?) 7 December 1787 by (Unsigned)

‘The state of Rhode Island refused to send delegates to the Federal Convention, and the event has manifested that their refusal was a happy one as the new constitution, which the Convention has proposed to us, is an elective monarchy, which is proverbially the worst government. This new government would have been supported at a vast expense, by which our taxes—the right of which is solely vested in Congress, (a circumstance which manifests that the various states of the union will be merely corporations)—would be doubled or trebled. The liberty of the press is not stipulated for, and therefore may be invaded at pleasure. The supreme continental court is to have, almost in every case, “appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact,” which signifies, if there is any meaning in words, the setting aside the trial by jury. Congress will have the power of guaranteeing to every state a right to import Negroes for twenty one years, by which some of the states, who have now declined that iniquitous traffic, may re-enter into it—for the private laws of every state are to submit to the superior jurisdiction of Congress. A standing army is to be kept on foot, by which the vicious, the sycophantick, and the time-serving will be exalted, and the brave, the patriotic, and the virtuous will be depressed.’

General Over Reach of Congress

Anti-Federalist No. 1, Federalist Power Will Ultimately Subvert State Authority (Brutus essay No. I) 18 October 1787, by Robert Yates, Brutus

‘So far therefore as its powers reach, all ideas of confederation are given up and lost. It is true this government is limited to certain objects, or to speak more properly, some small degree of power is still left to the states, but a little attention to the powers vested in the general government, will convince every candid man, that if it is capable of being executed, all that is reserved for the individual states must very soon be annihilated, except so far as they are barely necessary to the organization of the general government. The powers of the general legislature extend to every case that is of the least importance—there is nothing valuable to human nature, nothing dear to freemen, but what is within its power. It has authority to make laws which will affect the lives, the liberty, and property of every man in the United States; nor can the constitution or laws of any state, in any way prevent or impede the full and complete execution of every power given. The legislative power is competent to lay taxes, duties, imposts, and excises;—there is no limitation to this power, unless it be said that the clause which directs the use to which those taxes, and duties shall be applied, may be said to be a limitation: but this is no restriction of the power at all, for by this clause they are to be applied to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States; but the legislature have authority to contract debts at their discretion; they are the sole judges of what is necessary to provide for the common defence, and they only are to determine what is for the general welfare; this power therefore is neither more nor less, than a power to lay and collect taxes, imposts, and excises, at their pleasure; not only [is] the power to lay taxes unlimited, as to the amount they may require, but it is perfect and absolute to raise them in any mode they please. No state legislature, or any power in the state governments, have any more to do in carrying this into effect, than the authority of one state has to do with that of another. In the business therefore of laying and collecting taxes, the idea of confederation is totally lost, and that of one entire republic is embraced. It is proper here to remark, that the authority to lay and collect taxes is the most important of any power that can be granted; it connects with it almost all other powers, or at least will in process of time draw all other after it; it is the great mean of protection, security, and defence, in a good government, and the great engine of oppression and tyranny in a bad one. This cannot fail of being the case, if we consider the contracted limits which are set by this constitution, to the late [state?] governments, on this article of raising money. No state can emit paper money—lay any duties, or imposts, on imports, or exports, but by consent of the Congress; and then the net produce shall be for the benefit of the United States: the only mean therefore left, for any state to support its government and discharge its debts, is by direct taxation; and the United States have also power to lay and collect taxes, in any way they please. Every one who has thought on the subject, must be convinced that but small sums of money can be collected in any country, by direct taxe[s], when the foederal government begins to exercise the right of taxation in all its parts, the legislatures of the several states will find it impossible to raise monies to support their governments. Without money they cannot be supported, and they must dwindle away, and, as before observed, their powers absorbed in that of the general government.’

Quick Summary:

There is so much more in the Anti-federalist papers that were predicted to occur when those in power are not a moral and virtuous.

Quick quotes on Virtue:

‘In all governments virtue will command reverence.’

Regarding the First Class mentioned on page 33. ‘ Finally, this class contains more aggregate wisdom and moral virtue than both the other two together. It commands nearly two thirds of the property and almost one half the numbers of America, and has at present, become almost irresistible from the name of the truly great and amiable man who it has been said, is disposed to patronize it, and from the influence which it has over the second class. This [first] class is nearly at the height of their power; they must decline or moderate, or another revolution will ensue, for the opinion of America is becoming daily more unfavorable to those radical changes which high-toned government requires.’

page 34 ‘[Third]. At the head of the third class appear the old rigid republicans, who although few in number, are still formidable. Reverence will follow these men in spite of detraction, as long as wisdom and virtue are esteemed among mankind.’

Research the rest for yourself at the pdf linked on the Anti-federalist Papers.

Sam Adams Wisdom

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