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Episode 372: 2022 Election Deception 1984 Styl3 (манера)

2022 Election Deception video at Rumble and YouTube  

November 8th is so close and I’m recognizing more clearly that there is 2022 Electionelection deception deception circa 1984 MaHepa (Russian for Style). My topic for this week changed three times as I was looking at historical aspects of economics in the founding era, John Adams Dissertation on Canon and Feudal law as well as the pressing November Election. With the election in mind, I was impacted by a long series of articles regarding the various national and country wide local elections. Make sure you read the Sam Adams Wisdom section since it is pertinent to the expected move toward a restoration of a republic in theory.

Breaking News Regarding the Election Deception: Election integrity storm brewing in PA: Over 250k ballots sent to voters with unverified ID

Not only that, I took the time to watch a replay of a Trump rally in Texas. What was significant with this rally is that Trump makes a statement that we are now beyond socialism. He was emphatic that we are experiencing a communist regime. Finally. Factual truth.

I have been to a number of communist regimes. And I’ve studied communism for decades. Yupper, we are about 90% there. With that in mind and the possibility of Pelosi so confident that the demons will retain Congress, I had to go to my archives.

Ah, there it was, my two digital copies of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s books ‘New Lies for Old,’ published, you guessed it, in 1984 and ‘The Perestroika Deception.’ And again, the frustration that Citizens are duped sheep who go blindly into the slaughterhouse got me spurs digging in. With all that was written in the 1960’s regarding communism, I have to emphasize the quote that Thomas Sowell uses in his book on basic economics, Continue reading

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