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Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution: Chapter 25 – John Gano

John Gano.   John Gano

This Chapter about John Gano contains — The Baptists Of Virginia. — Gano’s Early Life. — Visits The South And Preaches. — Arraigned For It, But Is Acquitted And Licensed. — Anecdotes Of His Coolness And Courage. — Settled In North Carolina. — Offered A Captain’s Commission In The Army Against The Cherokees — Declines. —Returns North. — Finally Settles In New York.— His Congregation Broken Up. — Joins The Army As Chaplain. — Under Fire At White Plains. — At Trenton. — Chaplain Under Clinton At Fort Montgomery. — His Description Of The Taking Of The Fort. — With Clinton’s Brigade At Albany. — Its Chaplain In The Expedition Against The Indians. — Anecdotes Of Him In This Campaign. —Sermon On The Fourth Of July. — His Faithfulness. — Goes South With The Army Advancing Against Cornwallis. — Returns To His Church At The Close Of The War. — Removes To Kentucky.—His Death.

John Gano is another profound leader. This is clearly noted at the end of this chapter with: “True to his country, true to his high office, true to his God, he went through the trying scenes of the Revolution, and through life honored, respected and loved by all who knew him, and now sleeps with those whose names are inscribed in the hearts of their countrymen. Continue reading

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