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Episode 360: Religious Tolerance, Really?

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Religious Tolerance became Religious Liberty through the efforts of JamesReligious Tolerance Madison as well as Thomas Jefferson and others. The crux of the 1st Amendment Establishment Clause is ‘Liberty of Conscience’ and no establishment of a national religion.

This week’s program is in reply to feedback from those who commented on last weeks newsletter or program. What we hear echoing in the snippets from Conservative Christian organizations or from our own echo chamber is not always the full story of religious tolerance and liberty.

With that in mind, this program is about the original intent of religious liberty and the true meaning of tolerance. The first segment is an explanation of Justice Story’s ‘Commentary on the Constitution’ explaining the original intent of this clause. In the second segment, I also discuss another example of the Biden administration forcing the implementation of the National Religion.

Lastly, in the third segment, I dive into the Founders perspective of tolerance and in particular, religious tolerance which then develops religious liberty in a Constitutional Republic.

Starting with Justice Story:

Justice Story, in his Commentaries on the Constitution wrote: Continue reading

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