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Blog 412: When The Lights Go Out

When the Lights Go Out

By Rose Marie Cook

When the lights go out do you wonder what happened? Were you prepared? Can you find your way? Will you be able to function or are you gripped in bewilderment ready to … (you chose the ending.)

Yup, the lights went our around here again. We had sever storms and a tornado hit. For Cat and I, no big deal since we are ready for most inevitabilities. Yet, you have to look at the events across the nation from Hawaii wildfire, which was started from greeny theology and the negligence of the electric company, to hurricane Idalia blowing through the state of Florida and beyond.

Well, now a days, we think in nexus considering the timing of what and when the lights will go out because of the weaponized mechanism of the federal and state governments. Yes, all due to the storms of the malicious plans of elites which the Anti-federalists warned of.

As a note: Just remember that policy and law are developed and implemented based on religious beliefs. Check out the References for the mix of religious/denominational clinging to and promoting what I’ve studied as anti-Biblical. 

Almost everyone, including many citizens who consider themselves ‘on top of the current events,’ are actually ‘in the moment’ reacting as if all that is happening throughout the institutions of government were just happening in the last several decades.

Well, just about everyone, including so called conservatives, blabber ‘history be damned and let’s get all emotional’ since the lights are out and no one cares who rants or trembles in the dark, joining with the others stumbling along as well.

Dark To Dawn

Consider this quote from Rev. Samuel Cooke’s Election Day Sermon, 1770: Continue reading

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