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Episode 416: Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas

Watch Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas on Rumble and YouTube.

How is it that I use Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas in the title? I will explain as this newsletter progresses.

Mark Pukita Interview

I was privileged to have Mark Pukita on to discuss Issue 1. For those that don’t know Mark, you will have to listen or watch the program, but I will say that he was one of the outstanding candidates who ran for the Ohio Senate in the last cycle.

What is most critical in our conversation are the base facts which can be summarized in the destruction of parental rights, culture, and foundational morality through the obfuscation of this proposed amendment.

What Mark and others have found is that the citizens do not understand the language of this proposed amendment. In addition to connecting with Mark through ‘The Grassroots Freedom Initiative,’ I implore you to watch and listen to a great breakdown on this catastrophe of false rights. Watch a superb explanation here.

Mark makes a strong case as to how the organization that he is facilitating can take the challenge to defeat this Novembers Issue 1 to the electorate. This is one of the strongest strategies for building coalitions and success that I have heard in a long time.

I highly endorse and implore you to go to ‘The Grassroots Freedom Initiative.’ Join in on the effort. For those in other States, I suggest that you contact Mark through Grassroots Freedom Initiative to find out how national collaboration can make a difference for 2024.

Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas

I do intend to give you only the tip of the iceberg in calling out and making the correlation of the evil monied interests pushing Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas. Let me put this lingering question into your mind of the ‘you cannot unsee this’ category: What is the differenceOhio Issue 1 between ideologues that cut off the heads of babies and young children, and those ideologues that chop up babies and mutilate young children?

Ponder that for a while as I continue the quick points on Hamas attacking Israel. Continue reading

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