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Episode 420: Ohio Leads US Into The Pit

Watch ‘Ohio Leads US Into The Pit’ on Rumble and YouTube.

OH leads to the pitThis weeks elections, sets the tone as Ohio Leads US Into The Pit. The devil is not just in the details but also in the financing of destruction to parental rights. Not only were millions of dollars spent on Ohio elections but Ohio Issue 1 and Issue 2 were not about freedom, they are about making money, reducing population and tyrannical control over those who will not turn a blind eye to evil in general.

Here is a quick reference for you of over $4 billion that o’biden gave to the lgbtq+ promotion of moral decay.

In the References, I have a number of article and reports that discuss the billions of dollars that will be made by the high-priest of medical, political and child slave masters of all the religious sect ‘ism’.

And I told you so in previous programs: Ohio Just the Beginning of Pro-Abortion Activists’ Ballot Measure Crusade as well as repeating it in this program. It will be interesting to see what rabbit the Ohio legislature pulls out of the hat as noted in: Ohio Republican lawmakers promise abortion fight isn’t over.

The sad aspect of this is that people really did not do the research on these issues for themselves and voted based on media hype, emotionalism and lack of moral integrity. I would like you to apply my modernization of a 1784 quote from Sam Adams to Richard Henry Lee regarding the present debacle here in Ohio: Continue reading

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Episode 418: In the Image Of?

Watch ‘In the Image Of?’ on Rumble and YouTube.

As I began working on this topic of ‘In the Image of?’ I was again challenged with the hospitalization of a family member. So if the continuity of this program seems a little off, please bare with me. But then again, some of you may think my continuity is off often. That is humor, I think. Image Of

Not so breaking news: In the second segment I give a little more detail on the new Speaker of the House. I want you to think about Christian Nationalism and that that Mike Johnson is the quintessential Christian Nationalist.

A tad in the Second but mostly in Third segment is the tying together Rushdoony’s explanation of Magic in relationship to science, language, politics and tyranny.

Finally, In the Third Segment, bringing into focus Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas. Pointing you to the reality that one of the prime sponsors/promoters of Ohio Issue 1 is, according to UN documentation, an entity out to destroy the foundational meaning of ‘The Family.’ And I show why the language of the amendment does not mention ‘parent,’ ‘adult,’ ‘children,’ or ‘minor.’ Oh, see the sub-title Getting Long Winded in this post.


When I ask the question, ‘In the Image Of?’ I want you to consider that we are created in the image of the Biblical God but the rejection of this living God beginning with Adam and Eve has brought forth the distortion of ‘the imagery of language’. This distortion was interesting even in the considerations by the Anti-federalists when assessing the Constitution of 1787.

‘The evils of anarchy have been portrayed with all the imagery of language in the growing colors of eloquence; the affrighted mind is thence led to clasp the new Constitution as the instrument of deliverance, as the only avenue to safety and happiness. To avoid the possible and transitory evils of one extreme, it is seduced into the certain and permanent misery necessarily attendant on the other. A state of anarchy from its very nature can never be of long continuance; the greater its violence the shorter the duration. Order and security are immediately sought by the distracted people beneath the shelter of equal laws and the salutary restraints of regular government; and if this be not attainable, absolute power is assumed by the one, or a few, who shall be the most enterprising and successful. If anarchy, therefore, were the inevitable consequence of rejecting the new Constitution, it would be infinitely better to incur it, for even then there would be at least the chance of a good government rising out of licentiousness. But to rush at once into despotism because there is a bare possibility of anarchy ensuing from the rejection, or from what is yet more visionary, the small delay that would be occasioned by a revision and correction of the proposed system of government is so superlatively weak, so fatally blind, that it is astonishing any person of common understanding should suffer such an imposition to have the least influence on his judgment; still more astonishing that so flimsy and deceptive a doctrine should make converts among the enlightened freemen of America, who have so long enjoyed the blessings of liberty.’ from Anti Federalist No. 6, The Hobgoblins of Anarchy and Dissentions Among the States (Centinel essay no. XI), 16 January 1788, by Centinel

The influence of imagery has been noted here with ‘the growing colors of eloquence’ as well as the concept that the Constitution is ‘the instrument of deliverance’ then and even now. What is more important in this weeks program is that in assessing the question of humans determining ‘life and death,’ be it by abortion, distortion of the human anatomy or by Hamas, the eloquence of language and design an imagery to which individuals are shaped into.

Ponder this quote from The Biblical Structure of History: Continue reading

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Episode 417: Predicted Corruption

Predicted corruption was clearly identified by thePredicted Corruption Antifederalists. The essence of Ohio Issue 1 is evidence of this predicted corruption not only in the political system but also in the pulpits, seminteries1, academia and political parties. Worse in respect to the systematic corruption of these supposedly respected entities is that of the medical system. In particular the domestic enemies fly a rainbow flag which hold to not just an ideology but also a total allegiance to everything foreign to Foundational truth, culture and created nature. As with Hamas, the promotors of Ohio Issue 1 are revolutionaries fostering a rival nation.

I am not going to delve into all I intended to cover since I will be having the producers do a rerun for this week (July 30, 2022 show, titled “Pagan Humanism – The National Religion“.) Cath ended up needing to be in the hospital and I just didn’t have the time to record and post process a new program. Just so you know, Cath is fine.

This is giving me time to put together more information for you in answering questions I received regarding my statement regarding the promoters of Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas being cut from the same root ideology. As teaser, consider that both are purveyors of ‘magic’ in the sense as ‘masters of confusion,’ ‘deceit,’ ‘power with subjugation,’ and ultimately ‘subduing humanity to shape it into their own creation,’ being gods over everyone and all else.

On the next program, I will take you into the deeper journey of both ideologies having that deep hate of the living God of all creation and their mutual intent to be gods or subject to their god.

Devolving Any Constitutional Speaker of The House:

Yes, the denouncing of Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House was predicted corruption by Patrick Henry. Read what he said would happen with the Constitution of 1787 here. What has happened this week is the fulfillment of the Administrative State to ensure a Parliamentary Democracy stays in place as the Constitution is further removed from operation so that the parallel system is not disrupted. I have spoken of this in past programs. Now we are assured that a Constitutionally functioning Republic is not going to be allowed to regain its standing for the States and Citizenry on the whole.

We are seeing the willingness of the UniParty actors allowing for the devolving of our national governance to the evil elements of, let me run a diatribe, the administrative state tyrants, the active communist despots, the subversive socialist/corporatist slavers, the radical islamists terror deceivers and the perverse (morally depraved) gender-bending deviants. In an other word, Congress. Yes, there are the few exceptions as we have seen but we now know that the establishment has no intent to recognize We The People of their districts and instead continue giving power to corporatist and lobbyists rule.

Oh, just a quick note on lobbyists – did you really consider why so many of higher education and even down to high schools, revel in pro-palestinian/hamas glee? How about Qatar spending $1 billion-plus trying to influence U.S. education, politics? And do not forget the Chinese spending for the ‘confusion institute’ and more Chinese money is flooding into American higher education — with little transparency. And again with China, ‘Understanding Connections Between China and U.S. Academia, Where funding is involved, leaders in academia should pay close attention.’ Lastly, ‘January 2019, then-Deputy Secretary of Education Mick Zais testified, “Nearly 70 percent of colleges receiving Chinese-government funding for Confucius Institutes never reported those donations to the Department of Education . . . contra federal law.” If the U.S. government doesn’t even know the extent of funding, then how can it ensure that safeguards against malicious exploitation are sufficient?’2

In my opinion, NOT a single US taxpayer penny should ever go to higher education again. Foreign nations and corporatists fund the Frankenstein they want (see the first predicted corruption that follows.) With that, we are finally getting some corporatist to Ditch College Degree as Job Requirement. Continue reading

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Episode 416: Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas

Watch Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas on Rumble and YouTube.

How is it that I use Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas in the title? I will explain as this newsletter progresses.

Mark Pukita Interview

I was privileged to have Mark Pukita on to discuss Issue 1. For those that don’t know Mark, you will have to listen or watch the program, but I will say that he was one of the outstanding candidates who ran for the Ohio Senate in the last cycle.

What is most critical in our conversation are the base facts which can be summarized in the destruction of parental rights, culture, and foundational morality through the obfuscation of this proposed amendment.

What Mark and others have found is that the citizens do not understand the language of this proposed amendment. In addition to connecting with Mark through ‘The Grassroots Freedom Initiative,’ I implore you to watch and listen to a great breakdown on this catastrophe of false rights. Watch a superb explanation here.

Mark makes a strong case as to how the organization that he is facilitating can take the challenge to defeat this Novembers Issue 1 to the electorate. This is one of the strongest strategies for building coalitions and success that I have heard in a long time.

I highly endorse and implore you to go to ‘The Grassroots Freedom Initiative.’ Join in on the effort. For those in other States, I suggest that you contact Mark through Grassroots Freedom Initiative to find out how national collaboration can make a difference for 2024.

Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas

I do intend to give you only the tip of the iceberg in calling out and making the correlation of the evil monied interests pushing Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas. Let me put this lingering question into your mind of the ‘you cannot unsee this’ category: What is the differenceOhio Issue 1 between ideologues that cut off the heads of babies and young children, and those ideologues that chop up babies and mutilate young children?

Ponder that for a while as I continue the quick points on Hamas attacking Israel. Continue reading

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Episode 406: Ohio Issue 1 – One Issue or More ?

Watch Ohio Issue 1 –- video to be published soon on Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube

This week I was invited into a conversation on Ohio Issue 1. Is Ohio Issue 1 actually one issue or more? The real questions that came our is ‘Aren’t we just kicking the can down the road? What is wrong with the StateOhio Issue 1 Legislature?’

In short, because I’m late in getting this program and newsletter out, Ohio is a targeted State. It is a political battleground in pushing the most evil abortion/human-rights amendment, which encompasses everything to do with manipulation of human reproductive organs and gender at any age, and without needing anyones permission.

No different then when Obama/Holder were able to amend the Ohio Constitution regarding redistricting, so to is the battle over Issue 1 and with that the abortion amendment. The enemy has the money. The Citizenry and Churches have a pathetic apathetic perfunctory concern of these issues.

One Issue or More

Simply, Ohio Issue 1 is not one issue. It is significantly more. It has a complexity for not only Ohio but, as I noted, with Ohio being a test target, the ramifications will move to States with a Simple Majority of 50% + 1, to amend those constitutions with social and cultural evil.

Remember, a Constitution is a Covenant.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Again deferring: Agrippa IX (excerpt)

28 December 1787

by James Winthrop,

Agrippa To the People. Continue reading

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