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Episode 415: Gotcha – From UniParty Upheaval to Awakening From Naïveté

Watch Gotcha – From UniParty Upheaval to Awakening From Naivete on Rumble and YouTube.

Based on the responses from last weeks program, buckle up, I Gotcha – from the UniParty Upheaval to Awakening from naivete. Oh we can talk about Communism all day long and how our present system has taken US into the new revolution. Totalitarianism is plain for all who understand the definition of words with references to the past, say one hundred years ago.magnificent seven

This week I do hit on the definition of words. A dear friend reminded me that the talking heads who are supposedly on our side are actually using the enemies terms. Hence I will emphasize that the ‘dialectic’ has synthesized the conservatives. I do want you to find some time after you listen to my program, to get the terminology correct with a fresh perspective on Marx, dialectics, intersectionality and CRT, by listening top Toby Sumpter’s presentation on The Marx of Wolf.

From the UniParty Upheaval

I will be quick on this topic since I take up most of the first segment running it to ground. Additionally we are now getting a strong perspective from those that voted to vacate the speaker and the facts are, if you are Constitutionalist, that McCarthy needed to go before the August break. Why? He failed on making the members work on funding bills and allowed the ‘shut clown’ debacle to boil over in September. Oh there is a lot more but you will have to shift down to the references and listen to segment one.

I do not draw with and I am not going to learn the AI nonsense, but, I can imagine the desks of the establishment / UniParty, being pushed up into the top of the chamber and all the legs of those representatives dangling like kids afraid of that super coaster. Falling out of the jacket pockets of the members are the bureaucrats and lobbyists, screaming that their control is now in uncharted waters.

WEF to the Rescue

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